Thursday, 29 September 2016

Everything Coming To Netflix This October

Nights are chillier, leaves are browner, mornings are darker, drinks are hotter... get out that berry lipstick because Autumn is officially well and truly underway. If you're feeling a little sad about the colder months approaching (I'm certainly suffering from summer withdrawal symptoms), don't worry - Netflix has you covered. The Netflix October 2016 movie and TV titles have been announced, and there's a few juicy ones that are bound to make you excited! Embrace these darker and colder months by making a hot cup of tea, snuggling up and watching everything new that Netflix is bringing to our screens this month.
Here are my favourites that are on their way:

1. How to Lose a Man in 10 Days (2003)

The perfect rom-com to start off your October! Follow Kate Hudson as she tries to put a man completely off her in just 10 days (the title is pretty self-explanatory...)

2. Titanic (1997)

 The more Leo in my life, the better. Catch up with Rose and Jack as they embark on their heartbreaking journey on the Titanic.

3. Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

 WOOHOO! 1960s movies = the best. Watch Audrey Hepburn at her absolute finest in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

4. RV (2006)

 Need a family-friendly laugh? Put on the classic film RV and let the late Robin Williams make you and your family smile.

5. A Cinderella Story (2004)

Hilary Duff? Chad Michael Murray? Umm yes please. This one takes me right back - watch as Hilary attempts to find her own fairytale ending.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Jamie's Italian, Bath

Get ready for some serious food envy! Lewis and I were invited to try out the 'Evening Favourites' menu at Jamie's Italian in Bath a couple of weeks ago. Although I only live in Bristol, I don't often venture over to Bath so it was lovely to go and spend a day there, completed with a lovely meal to finish our day. After spending a couple of hours walking around the lovely buildings and having a cup of tea outside the Cathedral (definitely recommended), we headed to Jamie's Italian to try out their 'Evening Favourites' menu. The 'Evening Favourites' menu allows you to have three courses for just £18.95 and is available Monday - Thursday from 6pm onwards. 

Monday, 19 September 2016

16 Things Only Shopaholics Will Understand

1. When going on holiday, your luggage is always overweight. YES you need that one top in four different colours. And no you won't compromise.

2. Seeing the word 'Sale' gets you more excited than a new Zac Efron movie.

3. You know all of your card details off by heart, making online shopping much easier.

4. On your CV, you put shopping as one of your hobbies.

5. You'd rather go hungry for three nights and instead be able to afford that new dress.

6. Dressing rooms with bad lighting should definitely be against the law.

7. Scooping up the last item in your size gives you a sense of power.

8. You're on first name basis with all the staff in your favourite shops.

9. The feeling of finding an amazing deal is better than when you see your food coming at a restaurant.

10. 50% discount means double the clothes.

11. You've spent hours looking up discount codes online.

12. When you enter a shop, you avoid picking up a basket to limit yourself... but end up hurting your arms carrying way too much stuff anyway.

13. You feel irritated when you find out your friend doesn't like shopping. Can this friendship even continue?

14. Shopping for someone else automatically turns into shopping for yourself. "My friend would really love this... but then I really love it too."

15. Bringing home a big bag of new clothes is like bringing a newborn home for the first time.

16. Sometimes, you really do have nothing to wear.

Friday, 16 September 2016

6 Ways Quitting Will Make You Gorgeous

Every October marks the beginning of "Stoptober" - when the nation's smokers are given the support they need to quit smoking or start a plan to quit. It's no surprise when you hear that smoking is horrible for your health and can result in a multitude of life-threatening issues. Besides the horrible stats, however, new research has surfaced about smoking actually affecting your looks. Here's how quitting can improve your appearance: 

1. Your Skin Will Become More Youthful
 According to Dr. Fredric Brandt, smoking destroys the elastin and collagen in your skin. It also lowers estrogen levels which are a hormone that helps keep skin firm and youthful looking. 

2. Your Complexion Will Improve
Smoking increases inflammation in the body and skin. This is because smoking injures your skin's vascular system. In response your body attempts to repair the damage and, often, puffy reddened skin is the result. In fact, even exposure to second-hand smoke can cause your skin to lose its natural radiance. The good news is that if you quit smoking the inflammation may begin to reverse itself. The Feinstein Medical Research Institute in Manhasset, New York, conducted a study and found that most women showed immediate improvement in inflammation symptoms once they quit smoking.

3. Dark Circles Will Disappear
While there's no miracle cure for dark under-eye circles, smoking does make them worse. Even if you don't have dark circles, you'll notice brighter and clearer looking eyes if you break the smoking habit. Cigarette smoke contains toxins which damage the sensitive tissue under your eyes.

4. Get A Smoother Complexion
Believe it or not, the longer someone smokes, the more rapidly they age. Smoking has been linked to premature wrinkling and blotchy skin tone. It also can cause the skin to rapidly lose its youthful radiance. Current research has revealed that our bodies age 2.5 extra years for every 10 years of smoking!

5. Your Teeth and Nails Will Be Whiter
It's common knowledge that smoking causes teeth to yellow and creates bad breath. But you may not know that frequent smoking also stains your nails. The good news is this damage is totally reversible if you quit smoking.

6. Gain Your Self-Confidence Back
Stopping smoking will not only improve your general appearance, but you'll also feel better about yourself and your health. A study conducted in 2006 which was published by the American Journal of Health Behaviors revealed that young women who smoked were more dissatisfied with their looks than those who did not. In fact, the more a young woman reported she smoked the worst she reported feeling about herself.

If you find it hard to quit, trying an electronic cigarette that contains e liquid may be a good place to start. There are also various NRT therapies including nicotine patches and gum.