Tuesday, 26 July 2016

3 Ways To Overcome a Panic Attack

Panic attacks can be caused by many different things. Sometimes they happen after a big build-up of different things, and sometimes they come completely out of nowhere. Panic attacks are most commonly a result of built-up stress, and can be extremely overwhelming and often a little bit scary. Panic attacks are often accompanied by lots of horrible changes within your body - feeling sick, increased heart rate, fast and breathless breathing, dizziness, sweaty palms... panic attacks affect people in different ways but either way, the result is unpleasant. Here are three handy tricks to beat your panic attack and regain control.

1. Try to Control Your Breathing

One of the most common symptoms of a panic attack is feeling breathless and struggling to catch your breath. Doing a breathing exercise can massively help and reduce this, if performed correctly. Take a slow, deep breath in through your nose. Try to relax as you are doing this, and really focus on the long deep breath that you are taking. Then breathe out through your mouth slowly and deeply, again focusing on this breath. Do this several times and try to focus on nothing but your breathing.

2. Become Aware of What's Around You

Sometimes closing your eyes can make you panic more and make things seem more intense. Open your eyes and acknowledge what's around you - what colour are the walls? Are you outside? Can you see any animals? What are you sat on? Distracting your mind can massively reduce the symptoms of a panic attack.

3. Avoid Running Away

When having a panic attack in a public area, such as a shop, it's easy to just want to flee the scene. Fleeing from the shop, however, tells your mind and panic response that because you ran away, the shop is the threatening problem regarding your panic attack. This then leads to fear of going in this shop again, and perhaps other shops, and eventually public spaces all together. Instead of running away, try to stay in the situation until you feel calmer - this way you are teaching your panic response that the situation/environment is not the source of panic.

You can also read my post on learning how to quickly de-stress for more tips on calming down in situations. 

Friday, 22 July 2016

Win a Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara

If you haven't already heard, there's been a bit of exciting news in the drugstore beauty world over the past few months. Rimmel London have launched a mascara that tints your eyelashes - yes, TINTS them. The mascara contains a semi-permanent lash tint which over the course of two weeks darkens your lashes and leaves them looking naturally full and dark. Waking up in the morning to long, dark lashes? Errr yes please. Not only does the mascara tint your lashes over time but it also adds volume and thickness. The mascara brush coats each individual lash without looking clumpy, resulting in long, dark lashes.
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Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Kensington Hazlitt Hideaway

Last week Lewis and I stayed in London for a few days, and not only were we lucky with the hot weather but we were also lucky enough to be kindly hosted in the Kensington Hazlitt Hideaway - a beautiful little apartment in West Kensington. I've always been a huge fan of London (probably because I've been cooped up in the countryside most of my life!) so was super excited to be staying there in the most beautiful setting. After seeing pictures of our apartment and planning some fun things to do in London (read my Visiting Notting Hill post to check out one of our days!), we were super excited. 

The apartment was really easy to get to - we simply got the tube straight from Victoria (where we had arrived in London) to the West Kensington stop. From there, our apartment was roughly a ten minute walk away - perfect for easily accessing the tube and getting around! The apartment was in the perfect location; there is a big Tesco superstore just a short walk away which was ideal to stock up on food, and it was only a fifteen minute walk from Holland Park which is very close to Notting Hill. 

The apartment itself sleeps up to six people - with two big double bedrooms and a sofa bed that unfolds in the living area. 

The gorgeous interior was definitely my most favourite thing about this apartment. I'm a huge fan of light, spacious rooms and the Kensington Hazlitt Hideaway ticked both of those boxes. The main room in the apartment is a big, open living area which has a big corner sofa, a huge flatscreen TV and a table and four chairs for dining on. The room (in fact, the whole apartment) was put together perfectly - the room was well thought out, and felt huge to us! It was decorated beautifully - there was a colour scheme of white, grey and orange throughout the apartment and each room incorporated this. 

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Getting a Girl Ready For Prom

I remember my school prom like it was yesterday – choosing my dress, picking my heels, deciding on colours and hairstyles and makeup. Despite having 372 blisters by the end, I danced the night away in heels and wore one of my favourite dresses to date. 
Just a month ago, it was my own little sister’s prom and I was the lucky candidate to help her prepare for her special night. Choosing her dress was definitely the biggest decision that we had to make – where do you even start?! Luckily, we didn’t have much to worry about, as there are plenty of online dress stores like that provide you with a huge range of choices – different styles, colours, lengths, materials… and you don’t even have to leave the house to look!

Here are a few tips on helping a young girl, whether it be your sister, daughter or friend, get ready for prom:


It’s likely that she will already have some sort of dress or colour in mind, but it’s good to sit down and directly discuss dresses with her. Let her look through websites herself, and get a real feel for the type of dress she wants to wear. Keep in mind that cheaper does not necessarily mean better, but the price also won’t directly impact the appearance of the gown. It’s also a good idea to set a budget before you begin looking for dresses, as young girls to tend to have pricey taste (I know I did when shopping for prom dresses!). Set a budget and then there’s no chance she can set her heart on a dress that’s going to break your bank. Check out Prom Dress Shop and follow them on Google+ for great dress ideas that won’t cost you the earth!

·     Hair

If you’re booking her into a hairdressers or salon for prom, make sure you book early as they can get pretty full and busy around prom time. Once the dress has arrived (make sure you order it early as shoes, hair and makeup still needs to be chosen depending on the dress!) have a few hair trial sessions. It’s a good idea to put the dress on and see what hairstyles best suit it – for example, having her hair tied up with a strapless dress would look very elegant. 


For my sister’s prom, we booked her into a hair and beauty salon with her friends. For mine, however, I did my makeup myself! If you can’t really afford to get hair and makeup done professionally that’s absolutely fine – there’s almost no need to break the bank when you can do it at home for free with a good makeup palette. Look through different methods and designs with her and choose a look that is pretty and not too hard. Make sure you practice before the day too – Youtube tutorials can always be helpful.

If you’re getting someone ready for prom, just remember to tell them to have fun – hopefully it’s a night they remember.