Friday, 27 September 2013

Big Girls You Are Beautiful


The pressure put on teen girls today is ridiculous.
How many times have you heard a perfectly healthy girl say, 'I need to lose wait' or 'I feel/look so fat'?
If girls aren't saying it, they're thinking it. All girls compare themselves to each other and, more importantly, celebrities. It's not good for our health or self esteem.
When you walk into your local newsagents, all the top headlines of newspapers and magazines are crammed with celebrities. 

Kim Kardashian has had a haircut, or Victoria Beckham gained two pounds. No one cares about what's going on in the real world anymore, the world is obsessed with celebrities. 
How many times have you picked up a newspaper only to find the pages bombarded with celebrities and fame? How many times have you turned on the TV to see a new way to lose weight being advertised? How many music videos have you watched which are full of thin, pretty girls strutting around?
Boys are also being deluded into thinking that he definition of perfect is skinny and pretty.
Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, and the whole world seems to have forgotten.


The media plays a big part in pressuring young girls. Most of us forget that pretty much most, if not all, of the pictures in magazines today are airbrushed and tampered with to look flawless. Most teen girls would not give their weight or looks a second thought if the media wasn't always glamorizing tiny waists and skinny thighs. Plus, girls, if we saw what celebrities look like in real life we'd all be shocked.
Girls as young as seven and eight years old are taking about dieting. Even though they have a normal, healthy child's body, they hear so much from the media at a young age about being thin and beautiful that they, too, are under pressure. Everything around us is geared towards appearing perfect. Rose-tinted glasses, anyone?
Although it may not be obvious, girls put more pressure on themselves than anyone else. Girls compare themselves to each other, to celebrities and to models. Teenage girls are all constantly looking for role models and people to look up to. Girls all want to look perfect and appear appealing to boys... but the lengths some go to are extreme.
Sadly, girls get competitive and jealous of each other. Ask yourself, should teenage girls be out enjoying life or sat worrying about their weight? At such young ages, it does not seem right.


Anorexia is an eating disorder. Many, many teen girls are affected by anorexia each year, with an intense fear of becoming fat and an obsession with being thin. Girls starve themselves to try and portray what we see in the media. Young girls mimicking their idols can have serious effects.


Up to 20% of girls aged 10-19 years old are experiencing episodes of major depression.
In 2005 about one-tenth of all teenage girls tried to end their lives.
78% of 18 year old girls say they are unhappy with their bodies.
And, a particularly shocking statistic: 9% of 9 year old girls have admitted to having vomited in an attempt to lose weight.
So tell me, is this beauty? 



  1. This is a great honest post, it is all so true! I wish young girls weren't affected in this way, it's really sad to see. xx

    1. Thank you! I know, I just thought it was a big issue and needed addressing - it is very sad to see.
      x x

  2. Really enjoyed this blogspot, Its nice to hear people speaking about stick thin celebs promoting it to be cool to look so unwell.... enjoy your blog!!xx Please follow us!

    1. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed writing it - it's such a big issue that really concerns me. Of course :)


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