Thursday, 3 October 2013

Goodbye and Hello



This is sort of an emotional post. 
So, today, I finally had to say a very sad goodbye to my favourite pair of shoes. They have finally reached their limit after months of constant use and I am so sad about this.
No one ever really thinks about shoes much, do they? Guys don't really understand the true emotions that run through us when our shoes - once shiny and new and gorgeous - die. I mean, no one really understands just how hard it is to throw your favourite ever pair of shoes in the bin! It's really hard for those of you who don't know.  -sobs-

I purchased my beautiful embellished flats from Primark for just £15, so I wasn't really expecting them to hold for long. In fact, I wasn't expecting to grow so attached to them and I definitely wasn't expecting to feel so genuinely gutted about the end of their life.
They matched everything in my wardrobe from jeans to dresses to shorts to dungarees and I am deeply upset to see them go. 




On a much better note, however, I also purchased something new this week!
After searching long and hard for the perfect autumn/winter jumper I finally fell in love with the perfect one. I never usually go for white or cream-coloured clothes (aside from vest tops) as I find they get dirty easily and often go off-colour, but I took a risk with this treat. 

It's thick, warm and cosy and can be teamed with a winter coat and boots for extra cold days, or just a pair of skinny jeans and flats for warmer days. 
The creamy colour actually complements my skin tone and will match any coloured accessories such as bags, scarves and hats. Yay - the perfect autumn treat!

                                      £38.00 - NEXT



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