Monday, 7 October 2013

Time is flying

Hi everyone. Sorry I've been a little slow on the blogging, me and my boyfriend are currently house-sitting for his parents friends for a week. The house is absolutely beautiful and we have moved in for the week, looking after their little dog named Crumble and the house. The dog Crumble is really old and deaf, so he doesn't need much - just food, a comfy bed and a few small walks. He's really sweet though.

It's so strange having to buy our own food and live on our own; I'm so used to the chaotic drum of my own house with all of my family! It's very peaceful though, and so nice to have the freedom of every evening. I've finally sat down after spending my day writing an english literature essay to blog about anything and everything. 

So, firstly, my gorgeous little brother is turning one this Saturday. I can't believe how fast time has gone - it only seems like last week I was on my way to the hospital to meet my new baby brother for the first time. His little life has changed mine so much, I never thought I could love another little soul so much. He is so perfect and lights up my life everyday. Not to mention he's the smiliest, happiest little baby ever! I was thinking for his first birthday I am going to write him a letter, one that he can read back to himself when he's eighteen. I'm not sure exactly what I will say in it yet, but I just want to let him know how strong my love is for him and how much of a beautiful pure little soul he has. I will definitely always stay close to him!

Also, I have been meaning to ask you guys if any of you had Polyvore. It's a website that I am particularly loving at the moment - it's so addictive and a great way to express your creative side with fashion. It's basically a site that you can create fashion collages on, follow others, view their creations and enter contests. Comment me with your usernames if you have Polyvore and also... follow me!

Username: amydeverson. 
If you don't have Polyvore, get on it! 
Sign up and get creative. 

Hope you all had a lovely Monday - time is going so fast and I have so much to do, including writing my application forms for Universities. Exciting, yet nerve-racking stuff! 

x x 



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