Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Latest Treats From LUSH

Yesterday in Wales we saw some sun (yes, really!) It was a beautiful day here with, wait for it... blue skies! Not having to wear a big coat and scarf was so nice and has got me really excited for spring. So excited in fact that I went and purchased a new nail polish for the occasion - you can find it over on my Instagram!
So yesterday I went and did a little bit of shopping and came back with a few treats that I honestly can't wait to share with you guys. As we all know, LUSH is the most gorgeous-smelling shop and the goodies they produce are even better. All are completely natural, fresh and handmade of course.

I came home with three new LUSH treats yesterday.

1. Amandopondo Bubble Bar £2.75 each - a beautiful rose and lemon bath.
Directions for use: enjoy mountains of Hollywood-style bubbles by crumbling your bubble bar under the running tap, and watch the bubbles rise. 

2. Sugar Scrub £2.95/100g - effective exfoliation.
Directions for use: Work over your body whilst you're in the shower or bath then rinse off for beautifully buffered skin. 

3. Tiny Hands £4.25/60g - softening solid hand cream. 
Directions for use: Rub between hands to melt the butters and massage in the caring essential oils - this light formula won't leave you with that greasy feeling. 




The Amandopondo Bubble Bar is absolutely gorgeous. The fragrance produced was light, delicate and floral. It made me feel super relaxed and left an overall beautiful smell on my skin. I crumbled a bit of the bubble bar under hot running water and lots of sparkly bubbles were made - ones that smelt absolutely divine! I would strongly recommend this Bubble Bar for when you need a relaxing. anti-stress bubble bath. It's also great for baths before bed - it leaves you feeling relaxed, sleepy and soft.

LUSH's Sugar Scrub is great for exfoliation and getting rid of dry/dead skin. Not only does it also smell delicious, the scrub is perfect for when you're in the bath or shower and need a quick exfoliate. For ladies who suffer from dry elbows/knees, this Sugar Scrub is perfect! It scrubs and cleanses the area, leaving your skin buffered and glowing.

LUSH's Tiny Hands is my favourite product yet (and that's hard for me to say!) I suffer lots from dry hands during the winter so I couldn't wait to try Tiny Hands. I used it in the bath which meant my hands were already wet with hot water. Tiny Hands glides onto the skin, feeling soft yet not greasy. I rubbed it into my hands and felt it almost immediately moisturising the dry skin and working it's buttery magic. Tiny Hands left my hands feeling soft, moisturised and generally feeling beautiful.
I would strongly recommend this one!

Amandopondo Bubble Bar

Also a big thumbs up to LUSH for fighting animal testing! This makes the products even more worth buying.

 What are your LUSH favourites?
I'm already flicking through the LUSH website picking my next buys - I have my eye on so many things. Watch out, credit card!


  1. I do love a good Lush haul :) I'm using the rose jelly at the moment and it is so delicious, I love Turkish Delight so the smell of it is amazing. I'm a little gutted cos it's almost run out :( x

    1. Ooh that sounds nice, I'll have to try that! I also love the Stepping Stone foot scrub.

  2. I'm a huge fan of the Amandopondo Bubble Bar, it always provides a lovely bubble bath x

    P.S: I'm currently composing a list of bloggers interested in taking part in a lower budget Easter Beauty Box Swap! If you're interested you can add your name to the list by commenting on this post:

    1. Yes it's so relaxing!
      Thanks for letting me know, I'll pop over to your page now.

  3. Amy - I just nominated you for the "Shine On" blogger award here:

  4. I have nominated you for the Liebster award because I love your blog :) xxx

  5. I also picked up the Lush Sugar Scrub the other day, looking forward to trying it! Xx


    1. It's really good! Such a great exfoliator.


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