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Dollface London Silver Choker Necklace

 I have an exciting review to share with you today. There's nothing better than being able to blog about a product you really love and I am genuinely excited to share this review with you.

When I saw that Dollface London wanted bloggers to review their jewellery, I immediately got in touch. I am a jewellery obsessor, collector and hoarder (oops). A girl can never have too many rings, earrings or necklaces and I have so many that I absolutely love, so I was eager to add something from Dollface London to my collection.
I was sent the Silver Choker Necklace (£12) after choosing it from their lovely website.

There is so much to choose from on the Dollface London website, from rings and necklaces to 'gothic glam' and 'vintage fairytale' sections. I decided to choose the choker necklace as it looked simple, classy and, to be quite honest, a style of necklace that I had been after for a while.
My necklace arrived a lot sooner than I had expected (it took just two days)!

My necklace was packaged well, although there was quite a lot of packaging. From an environmental point of view, I don't think three different types of packaging (a padded envelope, small black paper bag and tissue paper) was needed, although it did make opening it a little more exciting. The pink tissue paper was a lovely touch and the small Dollface London stickers that sealed each package were also cute additions!
My necklace came with a small business card which is super handy and now lives in my purse (hey, who knows when you might be in desperate need of some jewellery?)
As for the necklace, I honestly don't think I can fault it. It is exactly what I was hoping for and is the perfect addition to any outfit. The quality is excellent; my choker arrived with no scratches or marks (which can be difficult to achieve with shiny metal) and there were also no chips or smudges on the surface. The necklace almost looked like it had been gently buffered!
I would definitely recommend Dollface London's Choker Necklace - it's not too expensive, has fast delivery and is of great quality. Expect this little beauty to be cropping up in many of my future OOTD's! I've already got my eye on a few more Dollface London bits, including these gorgeous Eye Of Horus Earrings:

Have you got any Dollface London pieces?


Despite the beautiful weather that has been gracing our lands for five days now (!!!), something really awful happened on Wednesday.
On Sunday evening, one of my cats went missing (we have three in total - Simba, Maya and Chico who are all just 20 months old). Maya did not come home for her usual dinner, and didn't show up the next morning either. We called for her, left out food and had a good look for her around the garden but she still didn't turn up. On Wednesday, my mum decided to call the vets to see whether she had turned up there. They said that a young cat had been brought in who had been run over and killed. The vets said that my mum could go in and see if it was our cat, so mum drove to the vets and I stayed home with my baby brother. The next thing I knew, mum called crying to say that it was Maya who had been run over. The car hadn't even stopped after they hit her - a woman behind saw the whole thing and brought Maya to the vets, although she was already dead. The vets said that Maya had been killed instantly, meaning that she didn't suffer.
Maya was such a gentle, loving little cat and I'm absolutely devastated that she's gone. I still expect to hear her little paws tapping at the window when she wants to come inside. Yesterday evening we buried her in the garden next to her mum, our other cat, who died last year. I feel so upset, but at least Maya is safe with her mum, Phoebe, now. Rest in peace little one - love you! 

(This is our last photo of Maya)



  1. Great post! I have nominated you for a Liebster award, as i really enjoy reading your blog.

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  2. I love the silver necklace. So cute. I've never heard of Dollface London. I'm about to check them out :)
    The Life of Leeshastarr

    1. I definitely recommend them - I love my necklace!

  3. I have the exact same necklace as this, but from somewhere else. It is a great statement piece and looks fab on!

  4. Love the silver necklace :) lovely packaging.


    1. I love the necklace, it compliments so many outfits! I loved the little stickers.

  5. I've never heard of dollface but might have to do some investigating!


    1. You definitely should! I will be going back for more.

  6. The necklace looks really pretty, it really is a gerat statement piece!

    Love x

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