Thursday, 6 March 2014

Mr Nutcase Phone Case

Hello lovelies!
This week seems to have absolutely flown by; I can't believe it's already Friday tomorrow! I've been super busy which is probably why the time has gone so fast. Yesterday I had my uni interview, which I was very nervous about. It's hard to tell how it went because it was actually a group interview which meant that it wasn't very personal. I prepared myself to be grilled with millions of questions but it was surprisingly laid back and casual, which was a bit of a good thing and a bad thing. They'll let me know if I've got a place soon, so fingers crossed!

After reading last week that Mr Nutcase wanted bloggers to review their phone cases, I jumped at the chance. My plain black one was way overdue and I wanted a case that was a little more personal to myself.
The Mr Nutcase website  has a fun theme and is extremely easy to navigate around. When creating a phone case, there are so many options to choose from. I chose my case for an iPhone 4S as that's the one I have, but Mr Nutcase also do cases for other phones like Blackberrys, Samsungs, HTC's and Nokias. You can then choose from three different case designs: ultra light weight slimline, executive flip leather style or full wrap around premium edition. I settled for the ultra light weight slimline which costs £14.95.
You then get to choose a layout for your case (from many options) and upload a image/images to be displayed on the phone case. I chose an image for my case that I found on Pinterest. There are options to personalise the case with photos but I decided to go with this lovely dreamcatcher design as it's one I love!

The first thing that I have to say regarding the phone case is that the delivery was outstanding. I ordered my case at 10.30pm and the next morning I received an email saying that my phone case had been dispatched. I was super impressed and even more impressed when it arrived the day after. I've had so many experiences where items have taken ages to arrive, got lost in the post or even forgotten (!) so it was really refreshing to have prompt, fast delivery.
The quality of the image on my phone case is great; even better than what I was expecting after reading a few other fantastic reviews. The image is clear, the colours are perfect and exactly the same as on the original Pinterest image. The image is not blurred or pixelated at all. The case fits on and off my phone easily, leaving no marks or scratches. Previous 'snap-on' cases have left my phone with marks so I was a little worried about this but Mr Nutcase's case fits on my phone snugly and effortlessly.
This case is generally of excellent quality; the plastic is strong, supportive and protects well. Having a baby brother who loves to play around on my phone means I need extra good protection which is exactly what Mr Nutcase provides. I am very impressed!

I have seen some other cases which have been personalised with photos and these look great too. I would recommend purchasing a personalised Mr Nutcase phone case as a gift for someone as they would make lovely individual and unique presents. I'm already thinking of buying Oscar one!
The only thing I would note is that for many, including myself, £14.95 is a little bit pricey for a phone case, but considering that they're personalised and of great quality, I think it would be worth it! 
Mr Nutcase also do cases for iPads and other tablets.
Have you tried any Mr Nutcase cases?


  1. I hope you get into your uni! That phone case is gorgeous! x
    Jess |

  2. This is so cute! Really different :) I haven't seen these before,but I'll have to check them out! xx

    1. Yes you should - they're really good! And the personalised ones look even nicer!


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