Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Boozi Body Care

Sunday was one long day of travelling for me. My mum, my sisters and brothers and I (that’s a mouthful) have travelled up to Manchester to visit family and do some serious shopping. It took us 5 hours in the car which is a very long time when you have a baby brother, but luckily he was happy and the journey wasn’t too bad. I hate packing to go away because it’s such a task – whether it’s for two days or two weeks! How do you know what to pack? How do you know what the weather’s going to be like? How do you know whether you’ll feel like wearing a leather jacket or a blazer? Heels or flats? Pastels or nudes? Curly hair or straight hair? 

This, my friends, is the dilemma I face every single time.
As we’re only here for four days I have attempted to pack as light as possible (pay attention to the word ‘attempted’) and have only brought one bag with me. Ok, the bag might be quite big but it’s still one bag and that’s pretty good. Along with the other usual things I pack (moisturiser, face wipes, hairspray, face wash, the fridge, 462 outfits), this time I really couldn’t tear myself away from a few products in particular, and they’ve had to make the trip with me. 

I was lucky enough to be given the chance to try a couple of Boozi Body Care Products. Boozi Body Care was founded by Suzi McCarthy and launched in 2013. Haven't heard of Boozi Body Care? Visit them here - www.boozibodycare.com. Described as ‘exciting, innovative and sassy’, Boozi Body Care offers cocktail-inspired products that smell good enough to eat (or drink!)
I was sent the French Martini Hand Cream (50ml), the Cheeky Woo Woo Bath Foam and also received an English Fizz Hand Cream sampler. All three products were packaged beautifully when they arrived, with bubble wrap ensuring that they all arrived in fantastic condition. My products arrived with lovely ‘Thanks For Trying Me’ tags which was a lovely touch. 
The Cheeky Woo Woo Bath Foam (£6.50) is my most favourite product from my Boozi Body Care package. Not only does it smell like juicy peaches and cranberries, this bath foam is the funkiest thing to hit my bathroom shelf, with its vibrant and catchy colours. As I am such a huge fan of bath products, its hard not to compare products against each other. I was surprised to see that after using just a tablespoon of the Cheeky Woo Woo, mountains of delicious-smelling bubbles were produced – in order to create the same amount of bubbles I would have to use a whole LUSH bar! The Cheeky Woo Woo bath foam is long-lasting and leaves you feeling soft and smelling lovely. When I go away I don’t usually take baths in hotels (I’m more of a shower-and-go kinda girl) but you may just find me relaxing in a tub of sparkly bubbles this time!
As you may know I suffer from dry skin, particularly on my hands. I must have tried at least fifty different hand creams by now so I was super excited to receive the French Martini Hand Cream (£3.55) – cocktail-inspired hand cream!? This is exciting and different. The hand cream left my hands feeling soft, nourished and once again smelling amazing (this time pineapples and rasberries!). Although the cream took a little longer to absorb into my skin than others, I was impressed with the fruity smell and the feel of my hands afterwards. My favourite thing about this product is that it’s perfect handbag/travel size – that’s why it’s here with me in Manchester! When carrying around just a small bag there’s often not much room for extra things, so this mini hand cream is the perfect size to pop in and not take up much room. 
Finally, my gorgeous little sampler – English Fizz Hand Cream - also went down a treat. My hands were left smelling of fresh lemon and crisp cucumbers (how can that not sound appealing?) and felt super soft afterwards. I think I may just have to go and buy the travel-sized one too – for £3.55 how can you go wrong?

I would strongly recommend Boozi Body Care to all of my lovely readers; I am so impressed with the service, presentation and quality of my lovely Boozi Body Care products. I don’t actually think there’s anything to fault – even Oscar was super impressed with the Cheeky Woo Woo Bath Foam, it made the whole bathroom smell like a fruity cocktail!

Visit Boozi Body Care here: www.boozibodycare.com
They also offer body creams, washes, spritzers, lip butters and more! 

Speaking of cocktails, today has been super sunny with me today, so I hope it’s lovely where you are too! Treat yourself to a cocktail-inspired body care product - there's honestly nothing better to prepare you for summer. 


  1. OMGosh! This company sounds dynamite! I'm totally crushing on the Cheeky Woo Woo Bath Foam; the fact that you compared it to LUSH has me seriously interested! The scent sounds divine and the packaging is absolutely adorable!

    1. It's honestly gorgeous! Makes me feel and smell so summery. Although I am such a huge fan of LUSH, I just had to point out the difference between LUSH bath products and these!

  2. I need to try more body shop stuff ahhh x

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thanks very much! I love bathing in Cheeky Woo Woo - I definitely recommend :-)


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