Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Chaow For Now!

Tomorrow I am venturing off into the sunset and basically buggering off on holiday for a lovely two weeks in the sun. I cannot wait to spend precious time with family and of course I am very excited about the beaches, shops and bars that await us too! I wanted to write this quick little post basically to let you all know that I will be absent from the blogging world for a good two weeks and to stay posted as I have some great guest posts that will be cropping up on the blog while I'm away. After working my bum off for my exams and dealing with applying for uni (trust me, it's more complicated than it looks - I've been signing forms for days), making major life decisions and basically deciding what I want to do in the future, I feel like a good holiday is in order and just what I need. I've just finished packing, which is quite a task in itself, and have managed to reduce all my essentials down to ten kilos. When you actually think about all of the products and items you use each day, its very hard to minimise these down to just the bare essentials. I've held off on the straighteners and have decided to leave them at home - I'll really be embracing that beach babe look! I don't use my straighteners too often anyway, but giving my hair a good break will hopefully do it lots of good. If I'm just going to be thrown into a pool, why spend hours on my hair?
While I'm away I'm going to be writing a diary of everything I do and experience, which will be up on my blog as soon as I'm back! I'll miss ya!



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