Sunday, 13 July 2014

Back From Menorca

Hi hi hi!
I'm back from Menorca and had a lovely time! Menorca is such a beautiful, quiet little island and it was the perfect place for a peaceful break after stressful and busy exams. I feel sunkissed, refreshed and ready to share some of my favourite photos with you guys! If you've ever been to Menorca yourself then you will know that Menorca is a small island (it takes just one hour to drive from end to the other) and is full of beautiful beaches, seaside villages and culture. The food is great (fresh fish, homemade pizzas and pasta) and the background behind the island is beyond interesting. We visited lots of historical sites - from uncovered burial tombs over 2,500 years old to even older settlements and villages. All very groovy stuff! If you're looking for a place to go, this is the place to go. Enjoy! 



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