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The Fault In Our Stars Book Review

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past few months, you will know that there has been a little bit of a craze over John Green's book, The Fault In Our Stars. I remember a friend mentioning it to me months ago - her exact words were 'you will sob into your pillow for hours' - and thinking I have got to read that. So what did I do? I went out, bought the book, popped it on my bookshelf and didn't read it. It has genuinely been on my to-do list for a long time, but who has ever completed a whole to-do list in their life? Not me. So basically, that introduction is basically just to say yes, I know I'm late to John Green's book party but I finally got round to reading it and I want to tell you all what I thought. So, firstly, lots of different people had recommended this book to me before I read it. Besides it being a bit of a phenomenon on twitter/facebook/everywhere you look, people of all ages (from my little sister to older family friends) have told me that this book is a must-read. So when I jetted off to Menorca last week, I packed this book on the top of my suitcase and dived in. 

Without wanting to burst everybody's balloons, this book disappointed me a teeny bit. Let's start with the good stuff - I personally think that John Green is a great writer. I love his casual, teenager-y language when writing through the eyes of Hazel, a seventeen year old girl who is suffering from terminal cancer. Rather than pointing out all of the negative sides of the situation, John, through Hazel, finds the light, funny and pretty blunt side to the situation. With her witty sense of humour and realist approach to life, I found it easy to become attached to the character as she carries you through her battle and journey. Although most of you will have read the book/seen the film already, I don't want to give away the storyline in case some of you haven't read it. I somehow managed to read the book without it being spoiled by one person or another, which is a miracle in itself! One of the great things about the book - and what urged me to read on after every chapter - was the fact that I really didn't know what was going to happen. You know when you're reading a book, and you get about halfway through, and can already tell what the ending will be and what will happen? TFIOS was pretty difficult to predict (for me, anyway) and the fact that I had no idea what was to happen to Hazel and her life made me want to read on. 

Before you start to think I've got a real heart of stone or my tear ducts are broken or something, I just want to tell you I HAVE A HEART. It just wasn't broken by this novel. I don't know if it's the fact that so many people warned me that I would be sobbing for days and that my heart would shatter into a million pieces, or the fact that after the movie hit the big screens the book went even bigger so my expectations soared through the roof, but something was just missing for me. I am a massive fan of books (my bookshelf being one of my favourite possessions) and I honestly couldn't wait to get stuck into this one. When reading it, lots of people said, 'You've got so much to come!' and 'Wait until the end!' so I waited and read, and yes, it was very sad but I feel like a teeny little something was missing. I think that in my own head I created such a build-up that there was a bit of an anti-climax. I turned the last page, expecting there to be a few more pages, but that was the end. I found things got a little far-fetched towards the end, with a few odd scenes that I couldn't really imagine in my own head, and that may have taken away the realism and tragedy out of the story for me. I would still recommend this book - it's a great read and obviously something that you should experience for yourself, as my opinion may be very different from yours. Most of my friends absolutely adore the book, but for me it wasn't fully what I was expecting. The characters are individual, different and the storyline is definitely a change from the classic love story, but I didn't close it and 'sob into my pillow for hours'. If you want to read something a little different, definitely give this a try. I promise my heart is a real, blood-pumping thing and is not made of stone.
Rating: 3.5/5. 

Have you read the book?
What did you think?

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  1. I havent read the book, but it sounds like your review is quite perceptive and cuts through the hype!

    1. Thanks! Give it a read - just don't listen to anyone else as it may ruin your own experience of it! xx

  2. I haven't read the book either, currently caught up in the Game of Thrones series of books! Great review

    1. Ooh I've heard lots of good things about Game of Thrones. Are they good? May have to give them a try for myself. Thanks :)

  3. I'm proper putting off reading this because I'm so emo about everything that I need to be emotionally stable enough to give it ago, haha.

    Corinne x

    1. Haha, it's been a major tear-jerker amongst all my friends.


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