Monday, 13 April 2015

10 Things You Don't Know About Me

I've been blogging for around two and a half years now and feel like I'm at a really comfortable place with myself and my blog. I love writing about beauty and all my latest finds, but for a while now I've been wanting to do a few more personal posts about myself. In my opinion, there's nothing better than getting to know a blogger and having an insight into their personal being and life, so on that note I've decided to do a 'Things You Don't Know About Me' post (the only reason you don't know these things being simply because I haven't told you!)

1. I used to play the violin. Badly. One time I had to stand on stage and do a solo in front of my whole primary school - cue lots of squeaking (from the violin not me) and a red-faced little Amy.

2. When I was about seven, my friend and I used to think it was absolutely hilarious to climb to the top of her plastic Wendy House and leap off onto a big bean bag. Great fun, until this one time when I was wearing tights and I slipped off the roof and broke my ankle.

3. My first job was at my local ice cream parlour when I was 13. I worked there for three days and then quit because I found it really hard to scoop the ice cream (what a pathetic excuse!!). Except I didn't actually quit, I just never turned up again. I still find it hard to walk past there now without feeling embarrassed and guilty.

4. When I was 11 years old my school entered me in to the National Eisteddfod (a big competitive Welsh festival) where I had to learn a play with three other people and then perform it. All in Welsh. We went through so many different rounds and ended up coming second in Wales - and had our performance played on television! (Channel S4C but still, it was television)

5. I used to write stories ALL the time. Full-on stories, with beginnings and middles and ends. I used to write for hours and hours - if you were to look through all my old stuff, you would find endless notepads filled to the brim with stories and books. There was a stage when I was very adamant that I would be the next Jacqueline Wilson.

6. I am absolutely awful at maths. Like, really awful. For my maths GCSE my mum had to hire me a maths tutor and I had to work super hard to pass and get a grade C. I haven't done any maths since.

7. I've been with my boyfriend for four years now, and I'm only 18.

8. My favourite actor is Hugh Grant, I lovelovelove him. In his movies he's charming and funny and witty and hot. Really really hot (not so much nowadays though, sorry Hugh)

9. In 2012 I went on a school trip to New York. We were staying just around the corner from Times Square and my friends and I snuck out through the basement of the hotel when we were supposed to be in bed. It was the night of Valentines Day and we witnessed people getting married in Times Square - random but so, so amazing!

10. I want to travel and travel and travel. There's so much to see and do and I want to do it all.



  1. this is amazing!! really like number 2 and 9. I have done number 3 myself. I was 16 and working as a pot washer/waitress. I just never turned up one day then was scared to go back.

  2. I agree with you about Hugh Grant, He's the best when playing a cad in Bridget Jones' Diary. I used to play the violin badly too ;)

  3. Number 5: Me too, and that's why I started a blog as I missed writing.
    Number 6: I hear you, I am SO bad at maths. I work in PR and though I wouldn't have to do much maths and then I was put in charge of budgets and my brain exploded a bit!

  4. #9 is fantastic! I love that so much. NYC is a wonderful & super exciting city.

    XO Naomi in Wonderland

  5. I hated maths in high school, but my nemesis was definitely chemistry!

  6. I am a huge fan of your blog, so when I had to think of ten blogs to nominate for the Liebster award you were one of the first to bring to mind! . Thanks again for all the inspiration!

  7. So nice that you've been with your boyfriend for over 4 years! That's so long, especially if you're so young - lovely to read that :) Oh by the way, I love the lay-out of your blog - looks so nice :)

    xo Mel || Sketch & Scribbles

  8. Lovely things! The New york story is incredible and the ice cream one too! And it is really amazing that you have been dating your boyfriend for 4 years being so young! Have a nice day,

    The Flash Window | Bloglovin

  9. I love this kind of posts! I loved #9, how cool is that!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  10. Number 1 made me giggle, I have never been able to play an instrument! Great post xx

  11. Mummy knew them all..... Except number 9!! It sounds so amazing though, you can tell her all about it when you're home next ;) xxx

  12. I love posts like this. I too played the violin also not very good and my fave actor is hugh grant too #ukbloggers

  13. I used to write stories as well, maybe thats why we like blogging eh! If only I knew what I did with them!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  14. HUGH GRANT HUGH GRANT HUGH GRANT. YES YES YES. I swear I'm the only person I know who appreciates how positively GODLY he is! xx

    LA COCO NOIRE ¦ Lifestyle, Food and Photography Blog


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