Tuesday, 4 August 2015

3 Non-Educational Reasons To Go To Uni

Although most people go to Uni for one very obvious reason (no, not to party or drink your liver away) there are many other lessons and things you learn while away trying to get your degree. Here are three reasons, that are not related to education, to go to Uni.


It's not actually a lie when people say you meet your best and closest friends in Uni, who will go on to be your friends for life. You're put into a new place with new people and are almost forced to get to know each other and become friends. The great thing about Uni friendships are that they move waaay faster than normal friendships - within a week you'll have held each other's hair back while the other is sick, cooked each other meals, witnessed each other in your very worst hungover states and established each other's annoying living habits. It only creates a tighter, closer bond though, promise!


Until you go to Uni, money is just a word that occasionally rattles around in your purse (or not, in my case). Once you're in charge of paying for your degree, your accommodation and then food and extras on top of that you will truly learn that money needs to be managed properly and carefully. Can you eat gorgeous fresh food and go shopping for clothes everyday while going out every evening? No, you can't. When I first went to Uni and received my first batch of money (a student loan/grant), I lived like a queen for around a month and then realised that, actually, I was supposed to stretch that money to last me for three months. Cue living on green beans and vegetables for the next few months with barely any dosh to go out and do, you know, Uni things. The biggest money lessons I've learnt have come from my first year at University - throw yourself in the deep end and learn for yourself!


People always say that when you go to Uni you "find yourself" - but how? I thought I already knew myself inside out. Being put in a brand new environment with brand new people means you are almost forced to find out more about yourself. You meet tons of new people, take up new hobbies and living alone for the first time without parents or familiar faces means your true colours and interests really do show. Since starting Uni I've discovered so much about myself - how I deal with certain situations, how to love and learn from every person I've come into contact with and how different life and myself is when living alone with new people for the first time. All good things!

Are you in/going to Uni?
What have you learnt?



  1. I loved my time at Uni, I've made some wonderful friends and now, 12 years later we still stay in touch :-)

  2. I went to uni a long time ago now and think it is a great experience, but didn't make friends for life - I'm not in touch with anyone I went to uni with now.


  3. this is absolutely amazing post. I'm going to uni next year and its really exciting!!


  4. I loved uni. I've only just graduated and miss it so much. Yes the work was hard work but it was so nice living in environment and living with friends and ahhh it was bliss.

    Michelle x
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  5. My time at Un was the best of my life and I have great memories. I wouldn't change anything. I miss it so much xx

    La Petite Mademoiselle , a blog by Lisa Santos

  6. This has made me so sad that I've graduated - uni was literally the best three years of my life so far, there's so many other reasons to go to uni other than the whole getting a degree thing aha!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  7. I definitely agree with all of these! I've just graduated and I'm back home working in a graduate job and I'd give anything to go back, definitely so worth doing for a number of reasons! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles


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