Friday, 24 June 2016

10 Ways To Stay Occupied While He Watches The Euros

It's that time when there is football literally everywhere you look, and if you're not that into football it can get a little boring - especially if your boyfriend who you live with is into it. Here are 10 ways to keep yourself occupied while he watches the Euros 2016!

1. Get Girly 
Use this time to do all the girly things you don't get to do when you're spending time with him. Football time is perfect for doing things like painting your nails, popping on a face mask and having a fake tan session!

2. Run a Hot Bath  
If the footballs on, that means he'll either be out of the house or in the living room. Take this time to run a hot bath, light lots of candles and use your favourite bath bomb.

3. Make a New Playlist 
Spend some time putting together a new playlist of all your latest favourite songs - then blast them loud once the football's finished.

4. Catch Up With Your Girls
Take this time to call up a friend, or meet some of your girls for lunch/dinner. While he gets all of his football and lad-time out of his system, take advantage and team up with the girls!

5. Watch That Film 
There are so many films that us girls just simply can't watch with our boyfriends - unless, of course, they love a good sob to The Notebook. Pop on that chick flick you've been wanting to watch!

6. Hold a Gathering
Prepare some snacks and drinks and invite some friends over. His friends can even come too... if they have the football on mute.

7. Start a New Book
This is the perfect opportunity to start a new book. Reading is a great way to keep busy and escape for a bit!

8. Learn New Recipes
Football usually means a free kitchen, so exploit it! Get on Pinterest and find some exciting new recipes then cook up a storm in the kitchen - he'd probably appreciate a little taste at half time.

9.  Have a Night Out 
There's no better excuse to get dressed up and go out. And you can spend ages getting ready without any nagging boyfriend telling you to hurry up!

10. Watch it with Him 
You never know, you might even enjoy it. Taking interest in something he enjoys is always good and when you get to know the rules and players it can get really exciting!


  1. I hate football season! But at least it gives you some more me time!

    Parie x

  2. Although we are now out of the euros (dam England)! I still so appreciate this post! Fab idea.

    Beth (a football widow) X

  3. My husband's not into football, but I'd enjoy doing any of these anyway! ;)

  4. Luckily neither of us are into watching sports but these are all great alternatives to watching tv any night of the week!


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