Thursday, 30 June 2016

Signs You Need To Quit Your Job

You only live for the weekends (and hate weekdays)
Don't get me wrong, we all love the weekend. But if Friday is all you can think about on Monday morning, you're wishing away a lot of precious time. If Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are long unenjoyable days that drag on horribly, it may be time to quit your job. Spending every week just looking forward to the weekend and wishing time would go faster is an awful way to waste valuable time - time that should be appreciated and enjoyed. Granted, not everyone loves their jobs and you will have bad days where time does drag on, but if you're just living for the weekends you're wasting five out of seven days a week. And that's a lot of time and enjoyment to be wasting. If you love your job, getting up in the morning to get stuck in won't be such a chore.

It affects your mood
If your job is directly affecting your mood outside of your workplace (and in, for that matter) it may be time to move on to a career that you will enjoy. Dreading the day ahead at work is the worst way to wake up, and is not how you should be starting your day. If your job is too stressful, boring or demanding it can affect your mood massively, and begin to affect your time and life at home too. Once you leave your workplace, you should be able to relax, unwind and spend quality time with friends and family; if your job is stopping you from doing any of these things then it's time to move on to something that is rewarding and motivating.

Your full abilities/talents are not being used
Your job should allow you to express and improve on your abilities and skills, allowing you to use them to your full advantage. You have lots of different skills and talents, so why is your employer not making the most of them? Your career is an opportunity to fully display your skills and abilities, and show just how good you are at doing what you do. If you do not get the chance to do this, or feel you can do so much more than what you're currently doing, it might be time to look for something else.

Is it time to quit your job and move on to do what you really love?


  1. Yes I agree all true signs that you need to move on when you start feeling like this. Gemma x

  2. Love this post.. I felt exactly like this in my previous job but because times were so difficult.. I had no choice but to stay! Now I have a job that I love and I actually look forward to.. I feel like I am learning so much everyday and I never get that dreaded Sunday night feeling!



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