Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Getting a Girl Ready For Prom

I remember my school prom like it was yesterday – choosing my dress, picking my heels, deciding on colours and hairstyles and makeup. Despite having 372 blisters by the end, I danced the night away in heels and wore one of my favourite dresses to date. 
Just a month ago, it was my own little sister’s prom and I was the lucky candidate to help her prepare for her special night. Choosing her dress was definitely the biggest decision that we had to make – where do you even start?! Luckily, we didn’t have much to worry about, as there are plenty of online dress stores like that provide you with a huge range of choices – different styles, colours, lengths, materials… and you don’t even have to leave the house to look!

Here are a few tips on helping a young girl, whether it be your sister, daughter or friend, get ready for prom:


It’s likely that she will already have some sort of dress or colour in mind, but it’s good to sit down and directly discuss dresses with her. Let her look through websites herself, and get a real feel for the type of dress she wants to wear. Keep in mind that cheaper does not necessarily mean better, but the price also won’t directly impact the appearance of the gown. It’s also a good idea to set a budget before you begin looking for dresses, as young girls to tend to have pricey taste (I know I did when shopping for prom dresses!). Set a budget and then there’s no chance she can set her heart on a dress that’s going to break your bank. Check out Prom Dress Shop and follow them on Google+ for great dress ideas that won’t cost you the earth!

·     Hair

If you’re booking her into a hairdressers or salon for prom, make sure you book early as they can get pretty full and busy around prom time. Once the dress has arrived (make sure you order it early as shoes, hair and makeup still needs to be chosen depending on the dress!) have a few hair trial sessions. It’s a good idea to put the dress on and see what hairstyles best suit it – for example, having her hair tied up with a strapless dress would look very elegant. 


For my sister’s prom, we booked her into a hair and beauty salon with her friends. For mine, however, I did my makeup myself! If you can’t really afford to get hair and makeup done professionally that’s absolutely fine – there’s almost no need to break the bank when you can do it at home for free with a good makeup palette. Look through different methods and designs with her and choose a look that is pretty and not too hard. Make sure you practice before the day too – Youtube tutorials can always be helpful.

If you’re getting someone ready for prom, just remember to tell them to have fun – hopefully it’s a night they remember.


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