Friday, 16 September 2016

6 Ways Quitting Will Make You Gorgeous

Every October marks the beginning of "Stoptober" - when the nation's smokers are given the support they need to quit smoking or start a plan to quit. It's no surprise when you hear that smoking is horrible for your health and can result in a multitude of life-threatening issues. Besides the horrible stats, however, new research has surfaced about smoking actually affecting your looks. Here's how quitting can improve your appearance: 

1. Your Skin Will Become More Youthful
 According to Dr. Fredric Brandt, smoking destroys the elastin and collagen in your skin. It also lowers estrogen levels which are a hormone that helps keep skin firm and youthful looking. 

2. Your Complexion Will Improve
Smoking increases inflammation in the body and skin. This is because smoking injures your skin's vascular system. In response your body attempts to repair the damage and, often, puffy reddened skin is the result. In fact, even exposure to second-hand smoke can cause your skin to lose its natural radiance. The good news is that if you quit smoking the inflammation may begin to reverse itself. The Feinstein Medical Research Institute in Manhasset, New York, conducted a study and found that most women showed immediate improvement in inflammation symptoms once they quit smoking.

3. Dark Circles Will Disappear
While there's no miracle cure for dark under-eye circles, smoking does make them worse. Even if you don't have dark circles, you'll notice brighter and clearer looking eyes if you break the smoking habit. Cigarette smoke contains toxins which damage the sensitive tissue under your eyes.

4. Get A Smoother Complexion
Believe it or not, the longer someone smokes, the more rapidly they age. Smoking has been linked to premature wrinkling and blotchy skin tone. It also can cause the skin to rapidly lose its youthful radiance. Current research has revealed that our bodies age 2.5 extra years for every 10 years of smoking!

5. Your Teeth and Nails Will Be Whiter
It's common knowledge that smoking causes teeth to yellow and creates bad breath. But you may not know that frequent smoking also stains your nails. The good news is this damage is totally reversible if you quit smoking.

6. Gain Your Self-Confidence Back
Stopping smoking will not only improve your general appearance, but you'll also feel better about yourself and your health. A study conducted in 2006 which was published by the American Journal of Health Behaviors revealed that young women who smoked were more dissatisfied with their looks than those who did not. In fact, the more a young woman reported she smoked the worst she reported feeling about herself.

If you find it hard to quit, trying an electronic cigarette that contains e liquid may be a good place to start. There are also various NRT therapies including nicotine patches and gum. 


  1. Thankfully I've never smoked but both my parents died early from smoking related diseases and both suffered terribly too - so the more we can get this message out, the better! It's more than just looks that are at stake.

  2. I quit 2 years ago, tried all sorts but eventually stopped after reading a book form of hypnotherapy x

  3. Its amazing how your skin is effected and by quitting how you can get it back.

  4. I quit back in 2011 and have never gone back! Good luck to anyone trying to quit this Stoptober!

  5. Luckily I never have smoked and I'm so glad about that!

  6. I never smoked, my aunt does and now got lung cancer. I think smoking is vile. xx

  7. I don't smoke but do encourage people to take part in Stoptober xo

  8. Fab post for those struggling to quit smoking.

  9. Being someone with Asthma I welcome this post 100%
    I don't actually see the post in smoking its not cool in my eyes its just a huge waste of money.
    Great post hun.
    Charlotte x

  10. Luckily I don't smoke! Everyone in my family did and I wad the onky one who was not interested its not something I've ever seen as cool or anything! I also have asthma so it would be horrendous for me if I did

  11. Great post. I have never smoked in my life. I think smoking is disgusting and smells awful.

  12. I've never smoked but my husband did for years, it is a filthy habit and if people can quit, so much the better.

  13. Both my folks quit smoking 8 years ago and have never looked back. It was bloody hard though. A great incentive list!

  14. I've never been a smoker but seen the effects it can have on people, great to get the message out there.

  15. I've never smoked, but i know that it can be such a challenge to stop.

  16. I've never smoked but my mum used to so I'm all for people quitting and whatever helps! All these points are so true!

  17. I've only smoked whilst drinking which isn't often at all but my partner smoked and I've noticed his nails and teeth colour have changed within 2 years of quitting


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