Friday, 9 December 2016

Bored and at Home? 3 Ways to Enjoy a Solo Night In

If you spend a lot of time out and socialising it can be great to have the odd night in by yourself now and then. Not only does it allow you some time to wind down and relax, but it will also do your bank balance some good too. There are plenty of ways to keep entertained, but if you're stuck for ideas for solo entertainment, try these!

1. Take a Journey of Self-Discovery

Sometimes we’re a bit too busy living life to think about what we really want to get out of it. That’s where trying out a tarot reading could be an enlightening experience. Tarot readings are really easy to book online nowadays, and if you’ve never tried them, rest assured they can be really fun as well as providing a fresh perspective and objective insights into your life. If you’re wondering what is covered in a reading, you can ask the reader about absolutely anything. Maybe you’re curious about what will happen to your love life, or maybe you’re not sure whether it’s a good time to think about moving or changing job. See what the tarot cards reveal. Often, a reading will help a person understand how the decisions they have made so far have steered their lives and consequently, what effect future decisions might have.

2. Improve Your Education
Instead of aimlessly flicking through the TV channels, use an evening in to expand your knowledge on a certain subject. Have you ever been part of a conversation where some name or event from history or current events has come up, and you didn’t know anything about it? Now’s the time to do your own research and find out more online, at least for those subjects that piqued your interest but you haven't been able to find time to look up so far. If you’re not the reading type, there are an absolute wealth of filmed documentaries available online or on TV. Discover more about Elizabeth I’s lovers, or the reasons behind the Vietnam War or the causes of global warming - take your pick; it’s all out there, you just have to look for it. Not only will you learn something new, but you can give yourself a pat on the back for improving your general awareness of the wider world.

3. Take Some Pamper Time

After a long day at work, you might not feel like expanding your knowledge or exploring what makes you tick. You might just want to chill instead. That’s when some pampering treats will do the trick. Have a long soaky bath and use that face mask you’ve been meaning to but never have time to when you just jump in and out of the shower. Afterwards, wrap up in a cosy dressing gown and give yourself a full manicure and pedicure with a rom-com playing in the background.

When you’re used to a busy social life, the prospect of staying in by yourself might feel a little bit boring. But there’s no need for it to be!


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