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Hidden Meanings Behind Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful part of nature that are, in some way or another, in everyones lives. Whether you send them to a loved one to express affection or simply decorate your kitchen table with them, they are a lovely way to add a touch of colour and natural beauty to our lives. I have always loved flowers, and only recently has it been brought to my attention that they have actual meanings behind them. Luckily, online flower company Flying Flowers have written an entire guide to flowers and their hidden meanings - including the different colours of roses, why lilies are good to give on birthdays and how daffodils represent creativity.  

I have always particularly loved daffodils because they have a lot of personal meanings to me. Firstly, they are the national flowers of Wales, where I live. I have grown up around many beautiful daffodils - in the Spring they bloom pretty much everywhere in Wales, and sometimes there are even entire fields of them! On St. Davids Day, the day when Welsh people celebrate the life of Saint David, it is traditional to pin a daffodil to your shirt. But... what do daffodils actually mean? Thanks to Flying Flowers, I now know what they represent in other countries too!

The Hidden Meanings Behind Daffodils according to Flying Flowers

Why are they in Britain? 
Daffodils are in Britain because of the Romans - they thought that they had healing powers!

What does the daffodil mean in Wales? 
The daffodil means fortune and good luck in Wales.

What does the daffodil mean in France? 
The daffodil is a sign of hope in Wales.

What do daffodils essentially represent?
New life and the start of Spring.

Thinking of sending someone some daffodils? Here are the hidden meanings behind them: 
They represent inspiration and creativity and they symbolise forgiveness.

So, if you're thinking of expressing some forgiveness or creativity, send some daffodils!

For more meanings, symbols and guides to flowers, visit the Flying Flowers Hidden Meaning of Flowers post.

(This post is a collaborative post with Flying Flowers)


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