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Things To Do In Don Det, Laos

1. Cycle around the island
The entire island of Don Det is just a 7km loop which means you can see the whole island in just a few hours. Bicycles are super cheap to rent out for the day (around 10,000 LAK/£1 for 24 hours), so it is worth hopping on a bike and cycling round. You can cycle through Don Det village and along the riverside - and there are plenty of bars and restaurants to stop off at for refreshments!

2. Go kayaking 
Lots of people go kayaking in Don Det as it is, of course, set in the heart of the Mekong River. You can rent out kayaks from several places around the island for a cheap price or join a kayaking tour that will provide you with a guide to take you around the river.

3. Visit Don Khon
Don Khon is the larger 'sister' island that is connected to Don Det by a bridge. It is fairly underdeveloped in terms of tourism compared to Don Det, making it a lovely quiet spot to go and explore. You can get a tuk tuk over to Don Khon however I would extremely recommend just cycling there yourself - it only takes around 20-25 minutes from the main strip in Don Det.

4. See the dolphins
A pretty cool thing to do is to go dolphin spotting - and the dolphins around Don Det and Don Khon are not just any normal dolphins either, they are rare 'Irrawaddy' dolphins. You need to be on either a boat or a kayak to go dolphin spotting - they can be found beneath the rapids in the south of Don Khon.

5. Visit the waterfalls 
The waterfalls are called the Khone Phapheng Falls (roughly meaning the 'pearl of the Mekong') and they can be accessed by either kayak (on a tour), boat or tuk tuk. The Khone Phapheng Falls are the largest waterfalls in South East Asia, so they are definitely worth a visit. The falls are around 6km south of Don Det.

6. Fishing trip 
A fun and slightly different thing for travellers to do is to go fishing in the Mekong River. Local fishermen are almost always willing to take you out on their boat for a bit of cash, so have a go and see what you can catch.

7. Tubing 
Since most of the bars got shut down in Vang Vieng where tubing used to be most popular in Laos, tubing has become a popular activity in Don Det. You can hire a tube for just 10,000 LAK (£1) for the day and and effortlessly cruise down the Mekong River alongside Don Det and all its natural beauty. Its a fun option for a couple or a group of friends.

8. Go to the swimming pool
The public swimming pool on Don Det has been dubbed by many as the best in Laos. The pool costs 35,000 LAK (£3.50) for the day which includes a towel. The pool is set in a beautiful area, surrounded by loungers, trees and a bar for refreshments. It is the perfect place for a hungover lazy day - just take a book, some water and lots of suncream.

9. Go to a beach party in high season 
If you are visiting Don Det in high season then it is worth visiting on the weekend. Every Friday and Saturday night between January and April there is a beach party held on the beach. Expect bonfires, sunsets and drinks galore - and sometimes the locals even get involved too.

10. Watch a sunset
Don Det is known for its stunning sunsets - they are some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. Head over to 'Sunset Side' of the island and grab a beer from one of the bars on the river - they are the perfect spots to catch the sunset.

For more information about Don Det, read my Top Tips for Visiting Don Det post.


  1. Wow, I would really love to visit those waterfalls. They look really stunning!

  2. The waterfalls. Beautiful! Also so affordable for the swimming pool, tubing would be alot of fun.

  3. those waterfalls - there is something very powerful about being stood next to a waterfall

  4. Sounds like a fab range of things to do. I'd love to see dolphins and the waterfalls. That Sun set looks so beautiful

  5. Those waterfalls! I'm terrified of kayaking but I could sit there and watch those all day long. It looks (and sounds) absolutely amazing.

  6. I would love to see dolphins they are such beautiful majestic creatures. Don Let Laos looks beautiful x

  7. Oh man, I'd love to go for cycle around that island; it looks amazing! And seeing the dolphins and the waterfalls would be breathtaking!

  8. It looks so gorgeous there - I would looooovvveeee to visit! I particularly love the photo of that waterfall; it just looks so powerful! ♥

  9. Ohh I would love to visit here, looks like paradise. Also visiting Waterfalls - what an ace activity, deffo my kind of place. Great post

    Laura x

  10. Sounds amazing. I would love to see the dolphins and the waterfalls. Waterfalls always impress me.

  11. Wow looks like such a stunning place and there's so much to do, I'd love to explore x


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