Sunday, 25 June 2017

What Does Your Horoscope Say About You?

Starsigns and horoscopes have always been something that I have loved and been interested in. It fascinates me that the position of stars on the day we were born can reveal some elements of our personality and traits! My starsign is Cancer, and throughout my entire life I have always been true to that sign - I am literally everything it says on the tin. Sensitive. Intuitive. Emotional. Sympathetic. Caring. Sometimes moody. So, I was very intrigued when I saw that Furniture at Work have made an infographic that reveals what your horoscope says about how messy or tidy you are in the office (or in general if you don't work at an office!). Here is what they concluded my starsign says about me... 

According to the infographic, I am a sign of constructive chaos. I'll take that. As the infographic points out, I enjoy organising things and trying to keep on top of stuff but you won't find anything in alphabetical order or anything too organised. I like to keep my desk organised to a degree - but open the drawers and it may be more chaotic.

What does your starsign say about you? Are you messy or tidy? Head over to to find out!

(This post is a collaboration with Furniture at Work]

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  1. I am a Gemini - and a terrible hoarder, very untidy and messy! I love the horoscopes, I think they are so accurate. Kaz x


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