Saturday, 30 September 2017

3 Ways To Make Lipstick Last All Day

Lipstick is a wonderful thing. It can transform any face or any outfit - and the textures and colour options are endless right now. There is one question, however, on the lips of many girls: how do you make lipstick stay on all day? Leaving the house in the morning with perfect lips and catching yourself in the mirror in need of a reapplication after a few sips of coffee can be frustrating. Following these tips will help to make your lipstick (and patience) last longer. 

1. Exfoliate.
You wouldn't tan without exfoliating dry skin before, right? The same applies to your lips and lipstick. Try exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub as the first step of preparation for applying lipstick. Scrubbing all of the dead skin off your lips provides a new 'clean' smooth canvas for lipstick and it really works a treat. Lipstick applies far more easily to exfoliated lips and does not cling to dead skin that might rub off throughout the day. You can make your own lip scrub very easily at home (read my old tutorial on how to make a scrub using ingredients lying around the house). If you don't fancy getting creative, LUSH sell some lovely ones.

2. Use a Lip Liner.
When most people think of lip liner, they think of two-toned lips. Prepping your lips with a liner definitely does not have to mean two-toned, though. Lip liner helps to stop your lipstick from bleeding and smudging around the edges and essentially holds your lipstick in place. For extra bold lips, line your lips and then colour them in with your liner too (hold your liner on its side and simply 'shade' them in) - this will ensure that your lipstick doesn't budge.

3. Blot & Powder. 
After applying a layer of lipstick, use a tissue to gently blot excess lipstick and moisture off. Sometimes applying too much lipstick can mean your lipstick slides off or easily transfers onto mugs and cups. After blotting off the first layer, apply another layer - however instead of sliding it across your lips twist it into your lips to really ensure that it gets into the cracks rather than just sitting on top. For a finishing touch, use your fingertip to dust a small amount of translucent powder on. Rub your lips together and voila: lipstick that lasts all day.



  1. I hardly ever wear lipstick and when I do it ends up on my teeth so these are some good tips! I will give them a try next time I'm dressed up :)

  2. Some great tips - I never knew about exfoliating your lips until a couple of years ago but it makes total sense to do so!

  3. I really needed these tips as my lip colour never lasts and by lunch time I always have to redo.I will follow your advise.

  4. These are great tips! I always exfoliate and pop a bit of concealer on underneath my lipstick!

  5. I tend to wear liquid lip laquers which do last longer than the regular lipsticks. I have never thought to exfoliate before though,so I will be trying this with my standard lipsticks first

  6. Great tips mine never seems to last long, so will be trying these on those rare occasions I go out and wear makeup :) x

  7. I have found that exfoliating makes such a difference for me with lipsticks lasting longer! I will have to try the lip liner too


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