Monday, 4 September 2017

5 Tips To Quit Smoking

1. Gradually cut cigarettes out
For some people who smoke it is very difficult to just cut nicotine and cigarettes out of their life. Instead, it may be easier to gradually cut down how many you have a day. Each day, try to smoke less and less until eventually you are not having any. It may take weeks to properly cut down, but it will be easier to deal with.

2. Try a vape
Many people have said that switching from cigarettes to an electronic vape have helped them to quit. Vapes are used as a substitute for cigarettes and are a good way of controlling your intake of nicotine. They also come in lots of different flavours.

3. Make a list of cons
Make a list of all the reasons you don't like smoking and exactly why you want to quit. For example - your health, your children, your work, etc. Keep it in your bag at all times and whenever you crave a cigarette, read the list.

4. Throw out any triggers
Once you have decided to quit smoking, get rid of everything that reminds you of it. This includes lighters, cigarette packets, ashtrays, tobacco, matches, etc.

5. Save the money you would have spent on smoking
Every time you would have previously bought cigarettes save the money and keep it in a jar. Eventually you will see how much money you spent on smoking - and instead be able to treat yourself to something better.

Good luck if you are trying to quit - for more advice and tips read my 6 Ways Quitting Will Make You Gorgeous post.

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