Thursday, 14 September 2017

Capturing Winter Memories

I hate to be one of those people who mentions the C word in September but... I can't wait for winter and Christmas. There. I said it. I can't wait for cosy nights, big scarves, hot chocolates, Christmas trees, carols, scented candles, crisp icy mornings - the whole shebang. To fuel my excitement even further, I've teamed up with TruPrint to reflect on some of my favourite winter memories. What better way to savour and keep my favourite winter memories than by having them printed on a canvas or into a photo book with TruPrint? Now that I am planning on moving into a new flat I would like to start collecting seasonal decorations - from warm winter throws to light summery pillows. I would love to have some of the memories below printed onto canvases to decorate with when it comes to the colder wintery months.

This picture was taken during the winter around three years ago. It is my sister, my granddad and I looking over the beautiful beach where we live - with a nice pastel sunset to really set the scene. I love this photo as it reminds me of being home with my family and it reminds me of how beautiful it is where I live! Whenever I am away from home I always miss the beaches, so this would be a lovely touch on my wall.

Don't you just love a cold winter day with a bright blue sky? This is a picture of my nan, me, my sister and my mum enjoying the crispness and briskness two Decembers ago. This is one of my favourites because its rare that we all get together for a picture! Of course, family means so much to me - so a wintery family picture is essential to put up during winter.

This is a collaborative post with TruPrint. 

This is one of my favourite ever photos - my little brother and my boyfriend Lewis. This is when we were staying in Bluestone in Pembrokeshire where I live, two winters ago. My little brother looks up to Lewis so much and they get on so well - it's so cute! And look at his little Christmas pudding hat... *love heart face*. This picture makes me feel warm and wintery just by looking at it.

What are your favourite winter memories?


  1. I love Christmas! I can't believe that someone told me yesterday we are only 15 Saturdays away from the big day!

  2. I love Christmas, and this time of year always makes me start to feel wintry and cosy. I baked a crumble yesterday just because the weather was so windy and rainy and it felt like the kind of day for warm pudding.
    Ps The Christmas pudding hat is too cute!

  3. I am a huge fan of Christmas, the whole run up to the big day and then the day itself but I love these photos, so cute x

  4. Don't feel guilty about mentioning the C word in September, I had someone talking to be about it in July! At least it's starting to get cooler, and the darker nights are coming in. And by September, I do think we've had enough of sun, and need the cosy time of Winter.

    I'm like you, I love capturing precious moments on photo, and getting prints, or books made up. My daugher just got three big prints done of her cats. I have kids, she has cats. Fair do's.

  5. I love the idea of a photo box I need to print out all my photos of my newborn (well she's almost 6 months now) but it's great to look back on memories. I don't mind winter as long as it isn't freezing. I do prefer the cooler air tho! X

  6. I can't wait for Christmas either, my birthday is just five days before so it's always a special time for me! x

  7. lovely pictures. I like cosy nights watching films snuggled under blankets

  8. I absolutely love Christmas as well its my favorite time of the year I also adore crisp nights and cuddling under blankets


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