Friday, 29 September 2017

Creating The Perfect Office

Whether it's at home or in a professional environment, the space where we work is important. It is the place where new ideas are born, promotion-worthy work is written and where we really get to put our mind to paper. Here are a few tips on office furniture and creating the perfect office or workspace

1. Embrace Natural Light

Studies have shown that exposure to natural light in the workplace improves our performance and productivity and has a positive impact on the brain. Make sure that your office lets in plenty of natural light. Big windows that also let in plenty of fresh air are perfect - if the room is too dark or too hot it will be difficult to focus. Place your desk near the window and every time you feel a mind block, look out the window. It will re-inspire, rejuvenate and motivate your mind.

2. Make Sure You Are Comfortable and Supported

When designing an office space, it is almost inevitable that we will turn to design magazines and online inspiration hubs such as Pinterest. Although the office set-ups on Pinterest are beautiful, you must remember that not all are practical. The most important thing is to search for is good quality office chairs. Sitting on an upholstered dining chair may look nice, but it won't do your back any good and you won't have the correct support.

3. Add Some Plants

Plants, like natural light, are also important in the workplace. Studies have again shown that plants in the workplace increase happiness and productivity - so stock up and add some greenery to your office. A few plants here and there can really make a difference - it's like bringing nature and 'the outside' into your office. Just make sure that you don't forget to water them as dead plants can really bring down the vibe!

This is a collaborative post.

4. Get Imaginative with Storage 

To avoid paperwork, notepads and files cluttering your office, it is worth investing in some decent office storage. If you don't have too much room, wall storage is a great idea. Cabinets can be handy for filing away paperwork, however if you would rather see your work than store it away in cabinets and lockers, try some shelves or magazine racks. They save space and make a great place to store those stray bits of paper.

5. Be Careful with Colours

Colours like light blues and lilacs can make you feel peaceful and sleepy - which is not ideal in a workplace. When designing the colour scheme of your office, try to opt for soft creams and greys as they will not be too distracting and will give a professional look. The colour purple is said to stimulate the imagination, so adding pops of purple into your office could be a good idea. Avoid postbox reds and other bright colours as they can be distracting and overwhelming for the brain.

Do you have any more tips on creating the perfect office space?


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  2. I love adding plants! They make the place look even better especially the flowering ones.


  3. I totally agree that a clutter free work space means that your brain can concentrate on the tasks in hand. A comfortable office chair is a must and taking frequent breaks from the computer should be a must.

  4. Oh, I just got the idea of this bowl with plants. I like it!

  5. natural light is so important, I tend to do all my writing in my dining room but all my photos are in the hallway where I have more light.

  6. I definitely need to add plants to my office, and I would love a Terrarium x

  7. Office space is so important, it helps the creativity for sure. Love this.

  8. Great blog post Amy! Thank you for the shout out and glad you really like the office furniture we provide. If anyone needs any help with office design and space planning then please get in touch with our trained experts at Calibre: Thank you :)

  9. definitely agree with the natural light! its really hard to feel inspired in a dull room

  10. I love this post I definitely need to add some more plants! The office space is so important, thank you for the tips! Cecilia x

  11. Top tips here! I really need to sort my at home blogging area and add some plants too ��

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x


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