Friday, 22 September 2017

Joining GymCube: My New #GCLifestyle

Health and fitness is always something that I have been interested in, but have never really been too good at. I love pizza, I love pasta, I love chocolate, I love carbs, I love gluten, I love laying in bed watching Netflix... you get the picture. But saying that, I also love a good walk, I love salads, I love fresh fruits, I love team sports and I love a long bike ride. So, where do I find the balance?

Why GymCube?

I have decided to team up with fitness brand GymCube to give one of their newly launched plans a go. GymCube is essentially an online gym. You pay for your membership to the 'gym' monthly (choosing from various different prices and plans) and you then have access to all things health and fitness that will aid you in getting to the level of fitness that you want. There are over 600 exercise videos to try, hundreds of healthy recipes that aren't your typical 'boring' ones and the opportunity to interact with other members who are following the same plan as you. You can share your tips and progress with each other as well as helping to support each other. You can attend helpful webinars, live Q&A's, seminars and expert talks as well as watching live events take place.

My most favourite thing (and the thing I am most looking forward to) about GymCube, though, is that you get a coach who provides live coaching - a real life, happy-to-help personal coach who goes by the name of Kevin. As someone who has never had a coach before, I am very excited about this. Someone with experience who is willing to give me that extra push and motivate me is exactly what I need. I will be able to email Kevin at any time and when he is online in GymCube I will also be able to talk quickly to him via the live chat. He provides live coaching and will (hopefully!) always be there to help with queries, questions, worries and progress.

Choose a Plan and Join Me

So, do you fancy coming on this journey with me? I have dug my gym wear out of my drawers and I feel ready to give this all that I have got. If you feel like it is time to take charge of your life and to do some serious health and fitness improvement, first you need to sign up (which you can do HERE). After signing up, you will be asked to set your own personal goals and also to fill out details about yourself including pictures so that you are able to visibly track your own progress. Next, choose a plan. GymCube's three brand new plans include: Extreme weight loss (lose 14lbs on the scales in 30 days), slim and tone (drop a dress size and firm up in 6 weeks) and strengthen and define (improve strength and body aesthetics). I have chosen to try out the Strengthen and Define plan. With any plan that you choose, you also get exclusive access to the GCLifestyle Guide - another thing that I am pretty excited about. The GCLifestyle Guide is literally a guide on how to live your life in a healthy way - it includes different training methods, tips and tricks, nutritional advice, recipes and more. And the best bit? It is written for busy, down to earth people who simply don't have time to spend hours at the gym with a personal trainer.

Strengthen and Define Plan

I have just signed up to the Strengthen and Define plan and can't wait to get stuck in. I have been sent the plan via email. The plan includes quick and easy calorie calculation, eating and supplement plans, work outs, access to home workouts if you cannot get to the actual gym and more. I'm planning on starting my plan on Sunday - so before then I need to upload my personal statistics and get some 'before' photos taken.

I will be writing up a weekly blog post on my progress and how I am finding the plan - so please do check back next Friday to see how I have got on! I will also be regularly updating on my social media so follow me on there too if you want to see how its going. And if you are joining for yourself, please let me know which plan you are choosing and how you find it. Good luck - and here's to getting fit! (Oops... I better put the prosecco down if I'm taking this seriously...)

How I found week 1: READ


  1. I think I might need a Kevin too!!!! I am at a gym at the moment and am trying to fit that around my life which isn't always easy. This sounds like a great idea, good luck I hope it works well for you.

  2. I hate the gym but this sounds a really interesting way to get fit and healthy.

  3. This sounds like such a good idea!! I love that you don't necessarily need to be in a certain place but you still get that personal feel thats missing from the regular fitness apps and such

  4. I think this would work well for those who maybe don't like the gym or can't find the time. The idea of working out with a coach and having that interaction is great.

  5. Now this sounds like an intriguing idea and one thing that puts me off going to the gym, is the gym part itself ha x

  6. I am definitely checking this out! I always used to sign up to gyms and never use my membership so I do like the flexibility of this.

  7. Well done you for starting it, in the first place. I find starting new fitness regimes the hardest bit!

  8. Ooh, this sounds like a really interesting way to stay fit and healthy! I may have to have a look into joining myself :)

    Louise x


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