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Feng Shui For Beginners

Feng Shui has always been something that has interested me. Can we really decorate/organise our rooms to promote and encourage success, health and happiness? The whole idea behind feng shui is to create a good flow of energy and harmony in every room of your house by arranging your surroundings in balance and accordance with the natural world. The history of feng shui goes back 3,500 years before the magnetic compass was created, and originates from Chinese astronomy. You can feng shui every room in your house to encourage different things (success etc), and you can even feng shui your desk to improve productivity and success. Below is everything you need to know to create the perfect harmonious feng shui in both your bedroom and living room. For more feng shui info, visit The Spruce where I got lots of inspiration.

The first and most important principle in feng shui is chi. Chi means energy and it is believed that this energy can gather in the objects around us. The whole point of feng shui is to keep this energy flowing throughout our environment, rather than it flowing straight through or getting trapped (which can create negative energy). The more chi, the more positive energy in our lives.

Feng Shui Your Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house - and it is advised that you treat your bedroom wisely. In the bedroom, you want to create a nourishing, harmonious and sensual energy.

  • Open windows regularly. The air in your bedroom must be fresh, clean and pure and you cannot have good feng shui if the air is stale. 
  • No plants unless they are far from the bed. Different plants can affect how we sleep as some produce oxygen that can keep us awake for longer or make us sleep lightly, whereas others that produce carbon monoxide can make the air dry and unbreathable. 
  • Feng shui your bed. Your bed is the most important piece of furniture - after all, you sleep there every night. It is believed that the bed has the most intimate connection with your personal energy. Make sure your bed is easily accessible from both sides (so that the chi can circulate around it), with two bedside tables on each side. Avoid having your bed directly in line with the door. 
  • Get rid of TV and computers. Items with high EMFs (electric fields generated by charged particles) which are said to be dangerous for your health can encourage the energy of work and stress. They can also be a distraction for your energy. 
  • Keep the doors closed at night. Closing the door means enclosing the energy and keeping it within the bedroom over night. Having a nourishing flow of energy in your room overnight can strengthen your health.
  • Several levels of lighting is key. Light is our number one nutrient and one of the strongest and most prominent manifestations of energy. Candles are the perfect lighting; they create a warm, intimate atmosphere as well as clearing and healing the energy. 
Feng Shui Your Living Room

The living room is the most busiest place in your house so creating a fresh, happy and strong energy in this room is important. 

  • Get rid of clutter. A clutter free and clean living room means good feng shui. A good energy through feng shui cannot exist if it is infected by clutter in a room. 
  • Good lighting and air. Similarly to the bedroom, the living room needs clean, fresh and pure air. It must have access to sunlight and be well ventilated. 
  • Invite success and wealth into your home through items. Put wealth symbols (such as crystals and coins) in a bowl on your coffee table. This will encourage wealth and success. 
  • Choose your art wisely. Pictures of stormy seas and thunderstorms can attract stress and trouble, whereas pictures of beautiful landscapes and smiling faces can encourage a calm and happy atmosphere. 
  • Don't block natural pathways. Avoid putting furniture in natural pathways in your living room as this can block natural energy and instead create stagnant, negative chi. 
  • Place your sofa against the wall. It is believed that your bed should be set against a solid wall as this provides support to those living in the house (and sitting on the sofa) as well as providing stability for the family structure. 
Do you have good feng shui in your home? 


  1. I never really thought about how the oxygen from plants could impact sleep patterns. I have to say I regularly let my room gather clutter so I'll be using these tips!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with getting rid of the TV in the bedroom,its a terrible distraction and can lead to a lot of sleepless nights.

  3. I have to admit Ive not tried feng shui before, it is definitely an interesting concept though. I would love to bring some of it in and see what happened, shame some of it I just can't do with the space we have though.

  4. These are such great tips, I'm going to bookmark this for a time when I'm in the mood for tidying!
    Emily from ♡

  5. This is so interesting!! We have a soft blocking a natural pathway but there isn't really anywhere else in the room it could go!

  6. I am always working on getting rid of clutter. With 3 kids you can imagine it's not easy. I never keep plants in the bedroom.

  7. Wow what great tips! I wouldn't have a clue where to start with feng shui so this is really helpful, I would love to get more into it!

  8. The more I learn about feng shui, the more I would like to adopt the techniques so that my room can radiate a more positive and welcoming energy .

  9. I have been battling clutter and mess for so long now. I am currently nesting and I wish I have more energy to spare to clean out everyyyything! I totally love and adore the palm tree wallpaper / background decor of your wall. It looks absolutely amazing.

  10. To be honest I don't think I have good feng shui reading this as I keep my bedroom door open at night, have a TV in the bedroom and the living room isn't minimalistic x

  11. A really good post to remind us all to organise and clean up our rooms. I keep a fairly tidy home, but I've noticed clutter is forming. I rush around so much sometimes things get left and forgotten.

  12. Ooh! I love this so much!! We're decorating right now, so our feng shui is definitely out of whack! I'm really looking forward to having it finished, and getting the good vibes back! xx

  13. I hear a lot about feng shui but it hasn't been something i've ever looked into before, great post!

  14. Surprisingly we do have good Feng Shui in the home. This is a great check list :)x

  15. I have heard about Feng Shui but never really read up on it. Some good things to know, as I was unawares. Will need a good clear out.

  16. I've always been against having a television in the bedroom. We need to work on the rest of the house though!

  17. I think my living room is pretty spot on then in terms of feng shui!! I need to work on the bedroom though!!

  18. Sadly there is nothing fend shui about my home!! 🙈🙈🙈


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