Thursday, 28 September 2017

GymCube: How Was My First Week?

As you may or may not know, I have joined GymCube to test out their plan. For an introduction on exactly what GymCube is and why I'm joining, read my Joining GymCube: My New #GCLifestyle post. I have been on their Strengthen and Define plan for 1 week now - this is my first update. If you want to join me on my fitness journey sign up HERE.

How did I find week 1? 

Although challenging, I found my first week on GymCube's plan to be good. I started the plan officially last Sunday. The very start involved working out my ideal daily calorie intake and from there my ideal protein, fats and carbs intake. The plan advises you to drink 2+ litres of water a day, so sticking to a new diet and drinking plenty more water really did make me feel better in myself. The plan advises you to design an eating plan which includes three meals a day and snacks. Bearing this in mind, I tried my best to plan my meals around their healthy recipes that best suited my calorie intake. The plan also provides you with work out cards focusing on back & abs, chest & HIIT, legs & abs and shoulders & HIIT. Workout cards tell you exactly how to complete the exercises. One thing I did find difficult was that a lot of the exercises did involve equipment that I did not have - which was where the home workout videos came in helpful.

Favourite at home video?

My favourite at home videos were the Bum Toning and Burn & Firm videos. When searching for a workout video you can set the duration, calories burned, body zones, difficulty and equipment that you want. This means that you can pretty much find the perfect video for you. You can also choose which trainer you would like - so if you prefer some to others then that works well. I found the videos to have good commentary and to be upbeat and motivating.

Favourite recipe this week?

My favourite recipe this week was the chicken risotto with garlic and lemon. 1 portion is 500 calories. GymCube provides the ingredients that you need, the method and also a quick video showing you exactly how to make it. It was delicious.

Come back next Monday for my update on how I found week 2.

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  1. Looking forward to reading your October GymCube update!! Keep on going!!


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