Friday, 13 October 2017

Ideas for the Ultimate Kitchen Makeover

Finding design ideas and inspiration when planning a home renovation can often be difficult as there is so much to choose from. Walking into Next Home and wanting to buy everything is perfectly normal (trust me), but less is always more. A simple and stylish minimalist theme is perfect for the modern kitchen makeover. What colour do you go for? Seasonal and current? Do you play it safe and stick to something that looks great all year round or go for something you really like, ignoring the latest 'trends'? Scroll down for some simple, straight to the point design ideas and inspiration. 
Keep it Simple
Simple doesn't always mean plain. There are plenty of ways to keep your decor simple and stylish without it being boring. If you have a small space to fill, its a good idea to use lighter colours on the walls to make the space seem lighter and more airy. Grey is a popular colour right now, as well as sage and duck egg blue in kitchens. Painting your walls white and using these colours (grey/sage/duck egg blue) in the form of splash-back tiles or coloured cupboard doors. These colours are light and ethereal meaning your kitchen will be the perfect place to relax and unwind. 
Check out the Gadgets
There is a huge range of gadgets available in today's kitchen market - and whilst most are probably pretty unnecessary (I don't care... I'll have it anyway), there are some that are definitely worth considering. The instant boiling water tap has become a staple feature in many modern kitchens and is every tea and coffee lover's dream. Gadgets such as food processors and smoothie makers are a great way to make leading a healthy lifestyle simple - a blender means that not only can you enjoy smoothies, but also pasta sauces and fresh soups too. Even a simple little iPad holder to hold up your iPad when following recipes can make all the difference. 
Get a Breakfast Bar
Depending on the size of your kitchen, a breakfast bar can be a handy and nice addition. A breakfast bar adds to the social element of a kitchen, as well as providing more workspace when cooking. If you have a open plan kitchen that has a lot of open space then a breakfast bar in the style of a kitchen island can really break up the space - plus it gives you the chance/excuse to buy some trendy bar stools. Other benefits of having a kitchen island include extra storage (if you install cupboards/drawers/shelves underneath) and extra seating to the kitchen table. 
Lighting Matters
Lighting is so important in any room and can really transform a space. Installing spotlights and plinth lighting in a kitchen can add an extra dimension to the space. The lights can be turned on altogether for a bright, well-lit room - perfect for chatty dinner times or busy breakfasts. When lit alone, however, plinth lighting can really set the mood, creating the perfect romantic atmosphere. To keep costs down, it is always worth considering LED kitchen lighting as opposed to regular bulbs because not only do they use less energy, but they also last longer meaning you essentially get more light for less money. The choice of LED lighting is definitely not limited; most come in many different shades to suit different kitchen designs - from 'cool white' to 'warm glow'. 

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