Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Perfect Gifts For The Well-Groomed Guy

Christmas is fast approaching (eeek) and that means its officially time to start planning presents and Christmas shopping. Don't know what to get for the well-groomed guy in your life? This guide should have you covered. Guys can be super fussy too - and unless you want to go down the easy route of presenting him with a voucher of Christmas morning, it takes a little extra effort to ensure that you get him something that he really will love.

1. A Designer Watch

The well-groomed guy likes to look good at all times, so he’s sure to be delighted if you present him with a quality watch come Christmas Day. There are so many watches online that it has never been easier to find one he’ll love and pick up a designer piece at a bargain price. Start looking now, and you’re sure to find the one he’ll love before December 25th.

2. Curated Goodies Hardy Amies

Hardy Amies - a well-known Savile Row tailors -  is, this year, selling a selection of dapper ready-to-wear items, which are sure to delight the pickiest of style-conscious men, but even better than that, they are also offering up a selection of curated goods, which include everything from handkerchiefs to razors. Giving a gift box filled with some of these goodies in a  gift hamper is sure to put you in his good books.

3. A Bergano Greys Hoodie

Worn by the likes of Bradley Cooper and David Beckham, the beautifully soft and stylish hoodies produced by Bergano Greys are much sought after by the well-groomed man about town and buying him one this year is guaranteed to make his day.

4. A Personal Shopper

If he loves clothes, but he hates shopping for them, which is more common than you might think, treat him to a Chapar gift card, which will entitle him to some great personal shopping services that will ensure he looks great with minimal effort on his part.

5. A Harry’s Subscription

Harry’s is an online subscription company which specialises in affordable razors and shaving products of the highest quality. Get the well-groomed man in your life a year’s subscription, and he’ll be delighted with the regular grooming products he receives.

6. An Engraved Aftershave Bottle

If you want to get him something unique and personal to him which will last then you can’t really go wrong with an engraved aftershave bottle filled with his favourite scent - or even an aftershave that was created specifically for him. Once he’s used it all up, he can refill it and keep it forever.

7. A Beard Oil Subscription

If your guy is a fan of the hipster beard, then a subscription to Harry's might not meet the mark, but I’m sure he’ll love a subscription to Scruff Stuff, who deliver high-quality beard oils and other beard care supplies to keep the facial fuzz in prime condition, each month. I’m sure you’ll appreciate knowing he has a nice clean, sweet-smelling beard too!

8. A Designer Man Bag

Now that we all have so many devices that we carry around with us wherever we go, it’s pretty essential for the average person to carry a bag around, so unless he has one already, you can’t really go wrong with a designer man bag that will prove to be of practical use and make him look even more stylish than he already does. If he has a favourite designer, choose something from them; if not, just try to pick a piece that matches his current clothing style.

9. Men in This Town

Books are a great Christmas gift staple, and there are lots of them to choose from for the stylish, well-groomed man about town, but certainly, one of the best is Men in This Town by Giuseppe Santamaria, which features some beautiful photos of some of the most stylishly dressed men on the planet - it’ll give him plenty of inspiration to up his game!

10. An Italian Leather Belt

Every man needs a belt that not only holds his trousers up, but which makes a fashion statement in its own right, and which will grow old and get better with age just like him, which is why buying your man a high-quality leather belt is such a great idea.

I hope this has given you some food for thought regarding your well-groomed man and what to get him.

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