Friday, 27 October 2017

Stop Making These 6 Excuses For Not Travelling

Most of us would love to see the world, but many of us aren’t prepared to make the leap. There are so many different ways to travel. Whilst you may have a legitimate excuse to not go backpacking into the unknown for six months, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other better suited travel options out there - there's something for everyone to get a little taste of the world of travel. Here are just a few common excuses you may be making that are most likely holding you back.
1. I don’t have enough money
Whilst having a lot of money makes travelling easier, it’s still very easy to travel on a strict budget. Flights are one of the biggest costs – far off destinations are likely to be more expensive, but you can save costs by breaking up flights instead of taking direct flights, or by using budget airlines. There may also be plenty of countries closer to home worth exploring. There are a multitude of locations that you can fly to for less than £100 as comparison sites like Skyscanner show.  
2. I have no-one to travel with
Travelling alone for the first time is scary, but you will make friends along the way. Plenty of people do it and you’ll find yourself making unforgettable friendships and memories with other travellers. Staying in youth hostels and visiting local bars is a great way to meet people. Sites like Just You even specialise in solo holiday and travel packages. These may include tours and hotels for solo travellers.
3. I can’t speak the language
Us English speakers have it easy – most people around the world speak enough English to get by. Whilst it pays to learn simple phrases like ‘hello’ and ‘thanks’ out of politeness, you don’t need to know another language to find your way around. Besides, for tricky situations in which you do come across non-English speakers, there are always translation apps and free services like Google translate. It is fun learning a language and picking up on different phrases when you are visiting a country.

4. Travelling abroad is dangerous
If you’ve never travelled before, it’s easy to fall for media stories and think the rest of the world is at constant threat of crime and terrorism. Whilst you certainly do have to have your wits about you in many places, the majority of countries are no more dangerous than your neighbourhood. The locals are very friendly and accommodating to tourists in many countries. Travelling with somebody else can offer extra security and peace of mind.
5. I have work/family commitments
If you’ve got a good job, you may not want to go gallivanting off for months at a time. But that’s no reason why you can’t take a week off or even an extended weekend to travel a foreign country. As for parents, there are many ways to travel with children as this post on Rough Guides details. You’ll need some patience, but it’s likely to be a rewarding experience for you and your kids.
6. I am too old to travel
Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro might be off the menu, but just because you’re getting older and less mobile doesn’t mean you should quit travelling altogether. There are many leisurely ways to see the world such as cruises and coach trips that can take out a lot of the physical exertion. Many of these trips are specially targeted at senior people. It’s never too late to start travelling!

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