Thursday, 9 November 2017

Boost Your Business With Incentive Travel

Incentive travel, if organised correctly and effectively, can be a very powerful business tool to motivate and reward employees. Incentive travel is essentially using business related travel (could be a huge ski trip or a weekend away) to motivate and reward employees. If I was told that hitting my targets at work for the next month meant a free trip away, would I work harder to beat those targets? Yes. Incentive travel can be very beneficial to a business or company and can be an important factor in the success and motivation of employees within the business. Read below to find out how incentive travel can boost a business! 

1. Creating a Buzz and Boosting Motivation 

For those who work in offices, motivation and passion can sometimes become a little bit clouded. After all, sitting in front of a computer all day isn't exactly everyone's dream. Announcing an incentive travel opportunity can really boost morale and motivation in the workplace, creating a sense of excitement and 'buzz', and providing a good reason for employees to prove themselves and to work hard. If targets are set that have to be met by employees in order to secure their place on the trip, productivity in the office should be high!

2. Employees Return Refreshed

After working very hard to meet targets and secure their place on a travel trip, employees will appreciate being able to relax and rejuvenate on an incentive travel trip. Time out of the office will benefit anyone, and planning a trip that involves all of your employees will also encourage them to bond and form friendships, making the workplace more friendly and personal. After a trip away, employees should hopefully come back feeling motivated and refreshed - and ready to secure a place on your next trip away!

3. Feeling Valued

An important factor in a successful business is making employees feel valued and appreciated, and an incentive travel trip should do exactly this. By planning a trip and paying for employees to relax and enjoy themselves, you are showing them that the relationship is two-way and that you appreciate their hard work and efforts. After being treated, employees should feel increased loyalty towards your company and more of a reason to do well and boost your business. Incentive travel can provide great team building exercises and opportunities which will also improve the bonds and strength of your team.

If you are interested in planning an incentive travel trip for your business/company, CR Events is a great place to start. They help with corporate events planning - helping you to plan a trips (from relaxing spa retreats to skiing adventures) that will motivate and excite your whole team.

Have you ever been on an incentive travel trip?

*This is a collaborative post. 


  1. This sounds really good. For me it wouldn't work as I am self employed and work on my own but it would be a great way to make staff feel valued.

  2. Great ideas for those that run there own business. I think its important for staffto feel valued for the work that they do.

  3. What a great way to boost staff morale! I love the sound of this xxx

  4. What a fantastic idea - I work for myself - I can organise my own, right ;) Great post. Kaz

  5. love the sound of this! It’s a great way to ensure your employees are happy x

  6. This sounds great, I think more businesses should integrate an incentive like this. I have been taken glamping before as a reward for our hard work, which was fun.

  7. I like the idea of incentive travels and though most companies don't do it anymore I do feel is value added for sure

  8. I think incentive is a great way to motive people. We can so easily get stuck in the ruts of routine, but to have a challenge to get to a goal seems like a really great idea. And when it is a reward, rather than just a finished goal, it really makes it all worthwhile.


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