Monday, 6 November 2017

Girls Trip: Making Memories This Autumn

Now that autumn is in full swing and winter is on the horizon, summer holidays with friends and warm weather seems like a distant memory. There are so many cute, cosy and exciting mini-vacations available in the UK, however, that there is no excuse to limit holidays and memories to summer. Now is the perfect time to get your friends together and to spend a couple of nights away. It is the perfect opportunity to catch up with those who you haven't seen in a while - and autumn/winter breaks are often the best as they provide a little break in the run-up to Christmas.

The best place to start is to find a place or an activity that you want to go to or do. Get your group together around a table of spiced lattes (or cocktails) and start planning where you want to go and why. It's as simple as that - as soon as you start planning, it becomes easy. Below are some ideas, inspiration and advice for those who want the ultimate mini-break with a group of friends.

1. For The Thrill Seekers

No matter how old you are, some friends never grow out of the things they loved to do together when they were younger (and why should they?). You might want to reminisce together and head to a theme park, circus or annual funfair that you all enjoyed and went to together when you were younger. You can recreate some of the pictures you took in the early 2000s together and try out the new roller coasters and rides that have arrived since you were younger. Work out the best accommodation for you and your friends and spend a day or two eating candy floss, enjoying the dodgems and walking through the haunted house together. You can plan a more grown-up meal and drink at the bar in the evening!

2. For Those Who Want Festive Fun

There is no better way to explore a new city than at Christmas time! Book a hotel or an Airbnb for a couple of nights and head to a city that you have always wanted to visit for a weekend of Christmas shopping and festive food and drinks. A city or town with a Christmas market is a good idea - you can go from mid-November onwards and enjoy all of the festivities on offer. You will also end up super prepared for Crimbo as you'll have the chance to buy lots of gifts and treats for your loved ones. Baileys hot chocolates aren't essential but are always advised!

3. For The Ones Who Want To Relax And Pamper

If the thought of the adrenalin rush of a theme park or walking around a busy city doesn't excite or fill you with job, a spa weekend away is always a great way to go. Go and recharge in the autumnal countryside for a couple of days so that you can leave well rested and with glowing skin just in time for Christmas. Try to find a spa package that includes access to the gym and swimming pool too to make the most out of your trip.



  1. Loads of great ideas here for a girls trip! I love the thought of going to Christmas markets.

  2. I've got a girls trip planned next week to a Christmas market and I can't wait! x

  3. What a lovely idea. I'd be happy in a hot jacuzzi with a glass of prosecco!

  4. I live so far away from all my best friends that it would be perfect to have a get together such as you describe. I would be happy with any of the above. Having moments like these make the time and distant worthwhile.

  5. These are all great ideas for girls trips. Me and my friends love city breaks we’ve never been on one around Christmas market time, I’ll have to suggest that next year.

  6. Oh Lots of great tips here. I'd rather go to a Spa to relax myself far away from any work.


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