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Our Stay At Danclawdd Cottage

For any of you who know me, you will know that I come from Pembrokeshire - a small county set on the south west coast of Wales, full of sheep, pretty villages and towns and beautiful countryside. Pembrokeshire has, and always will have, a special place in my heart. It is the place that I grew up, the place that I made all of my first memories and the place where my family still live. It's absolutely beautiful too, of course. So imagine my excitement when the lovely Emma from Danclawdd Cottage wanted me to come and stay in her gorgeous little cottage set right in the Pembrokeshire countryside for the weekend (you can't - I was very excited).

Getting There

Getting to the cottage was surprisingly easy. As it is set down a dirt track right at the base of the Preseli Mountains I half expected us to get lost on the way (my mum was driving so there was more hope than if I was driving), but it was actually really easy to find. Emma gave us driving instructions prior to the trip that were clear and helpful, so we didn't get lost once. We dipped in and out of hills and trundled through the Welsh countryside on our journey as we drove more and more into nothingness and peace.
Tip: If you put Danclawdd Cottage into Google Maps on your phone it will give you directions right to the doorstep - so it really is easy. I only discovered this on the third day of our stay!

Our Arrival

We arrived at the cottage around 7pm - much later than we were originally hoping but this was because we stopped off to do a big food shop before to stock up on food to last us the weekend. When we arrived Emma was ready and waiting to welcome us in and show us around the cottage. After we brought all of our things in, Emma gave us a quick little tour of the (very beautiful) cottage and provided us with some handy information: how to light the scandinavian wood burner, how to control the heating and details of our surrounding areas. Emma also informed us that the cottage was converted from a 17th Century Welsh longhouse in 2014 - very interesting. She also provided us with a super handy guide to the cottage which had everything we needed in it - from how to turn the cooker on to walking routes and the closest post office. Basically, we had everything we needed and more. Another lovely and welcoming touch was a bottle of red wine and a plate of welsh cakes set up on the dining table for us. Lewis had never tried welsh cakes before (I know, I'm a terrible welsh girlfriend) so we loved this welcoming touch - and we proceeded to crack open the bottle of red and tuck into the welsh cakes while lighting our first fire!

The Cottage

The cottage itself was everything we were hoping for and more. The Danclawdd Cottage website proudly states that it is a 'Tranquil escape set in the heart of Pembrokeshire' - and 'tranquil escape' doesn't even cover it. Staying in the cottage felt like we were staying in another world - a world of peace, quiet and pure countryside bliss.
The cottage is made up of three different rooms - the bedroom, the bathroom and the open-planned living and dining area. There is also a porch on the side of the building where the front door is. The space in the cottage is utilised and used extremely well; although the building itself is relatively small, every room feels spacious and roomy and Lewis and I never felt like we didn't have enough room. I loved the layout of the cottage and I loved how much thought and effort went into the decoration. Every picture was by a Pembrokeshire photographer and every decoration (for example the lavender scented hanging bag with a puffin on) from a local Pembrokeshire shop. Even our bedding was by someone from Pembrokeshire - talk about supporting the locals!

The Living and Dining Area 

The living and dining area was the place where we, of course, spent most of our time. The kitchen area was perfect - it had everything we needed and just enough space to prep and cook on. The kitchen came equipped with everything we needed - crockery, cutlery, pans, glasses, washing up liquid, cloths, tea towels, kitchen roll etc. The kitchen featured a oven, hob, microwave, kettle, dishwasher, toaster, fridge and mini freezer and - potentially our favourite thing of all - a nespresso coffee machine. Everything was super clean and tidy; if we had been told that we were the first guests to ever stay at Danclawdd Cottage we would have believed it! We were provided with teabags, nespresso pods, instant coffee, a small carton of (local, of course) milk, sugar, a bowl of cherry tomatoes from Emma's own garden, salt, pepper, a selection of jams and an array of spices and herbs. These items are what made all the difference and we really appreciated them - I can't tell you how many times we've arrived to stay somewhere and realised that we don't have teabags or salt and pepper. They are such basic items that can easily go forgotten, so we were very grateful that they were provided in the cottage. On our third and final evening we cooked a big roast dinner!

The living area consisted of a sofa (with cushions and a fluffy throw), a coffee table, two wicker chairs, the scandinavian wood burner, a television and a cabinet full to the brim with DVDs, books and board games. I absolutely loved the whole layout and colour scheme of this room - cream walls with simplistic bursts of yellows and greys through pillows, blinds and cushions. Basically, every interior blogger's dream. The wood burner was, naturally, a huge hit with us and we used it a lot over the weekend. When we arrived it already had a kindling/log structure inside it to get us started so all we had to do was light it - and then after that it was up to us. A basket of logs, kindling and firelighters were provided along with a long lighter and a metal poker stick. After you make your way through the basket of wood you can buy more. Lewis especially loved starting the fires and tending to the logs (must be a man thing...) and, once lit, the wood burner made the cottage super warm and cosy. Our first evening was one I won't forget; we sat in front of the fire playing board games with some red wine and nibbles - absolutely perfect.

The Bedroom

The bedroom was lovely and, again, had everything we needed: bed, bedside tables, storage space for clothes and a lovely window that looked out over the back fields. On the window sill was a basket that, again, provided all those handy bits and bobs that are so easy to forget: shower gel, shampoo, soap, etc. The bed was very comfortable and we both slept well - especially with the black-out curtains and blinds.

The Bathroom

The bathroom was perfect - bath with a shower head, toilet, big clean mirror and an amazing smelling hand soap. The towels were all thick and fluffy (one of my pet hates is hard, thin towels) and the lights were bright which made it the perfect place to do my makeup in the mornings.

The Surroundings

The cottage is set deep in the heart of the North Pembrokeshire countryside, right at the base of the Preseli Hills. The cottage is surrounded by green fields and hills as far as the eye can see - when stood outside the cottage it really feels like you are alone in the wilderness.
Danclawdd Cottage is right next to a traditional little welsh village, Maenclochog - which is around a five minute walk from the doorstep of the cottage. On the Saturday we ventured into the village and went to the local pub which was a great little experience. It was full of locals who were all super friendly and welcoming - we even ended up playing some of them at a game of pool! The village has a small shop, a post office, the pub, a small garage, a church and more. It is definitely worth having a walk around and mixing with some of the locals.
There are plenty of places to venture to and walk around that are all in the guidebook provided in the cottage. Unfortunately during our stay it was a bit wet so we avoided going on any major walks through fields of mud, however we did go on a gorgeous little walk that started just at the end of the Danclawdd Cottage track. The pathway had a boardwalk which made it easy to walk around, and after a couple of minutes of walking we were surrounded by large autumnal trees, mini waterfalls and mossy ledges. It felt like an orange autumnal Narnia! If you are visiting I would definitely recommend venturing down this path.

I would highly recommend staying at Danclawdd Cottage. It is the perfect getaway for two and has everything you need, as well as being set in the beautiful deep Pembrokeshire countryside. We had the best weekend and it is one that we will never forget.

Thinking of Staying?

Visit the Danclawdd Cottage website:
Get in touch via Twitter: @DanclawddPembs
Follow Danclawdd Cottage on Instagram: DanclawddPembs
Or visit them on Facebook: Danclawdd Cottage 

If you ever stay at Danclawdd Cottage I would love to know how you get on so please get in touch! And, again, a massive thanks to Emma and Richard for having us to stay.



  1. Oh it looks like a stunning place to visit, so serene x

  2. Ahh what a lovely cottage! We've never stayed down that way but it's definitely one to consider, I love the quirky d├ęcor!

  3. looks lovely and sounds like the perfect place to get away and destress

  4. Fantastic review, Amy! I’ve been to Danclawdd too and you have really done it justice. Is a wonderful little cottage and Emma should be rightly proud.

  5. Wow! The Danclawdd Cottage seems just like my dream house. It seems like a very picturesque and stress-free place. How many days did you stay there and what dd you like best, Amy?

  6. That looks like a really tranquil cottage. How we would love a wood burning stove. I've never tried welsh cakes on my husband either!

  7. This cottage looks absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to stay in a cute (very Instagrammable) cottage like this. My friends and I went glamping in July, but it wasn't as luxurious as this lol x

  8. What a beautiful little get away. Nicely laid out with just the right amount of home comforts to make it cosy and welcoming

  9. What an adorable little cottage! I'd like to get away soon before Christmas x


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