Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Europe: Great For First Time Solo Travellers

Travelling alone can be beneficial in so many ways. You tend to meet more people than if you are travelling with others, you don't have to stick to anyone else's plans or ideas and you can find yourself in more unique situations than if you were with someone. Sometimes, a little self-discovery can go a long way - and this is definitely the case when it comes to travel. Even if right now, catching a flight alone scares you, it won't before long. Solo travel can be incredibly rewarding; you just have to take the smallest first step. Europe is a great place to take your first solo travel steps in, and is full of beautiful countries with so much to see, do and explore. Here are a few reasons why Europe is a great place to start your solo travels:

1. It's Close 
For anyone who is nervous about travelling alone and being so far away from home, Europe isn't too far away. Even those who love to travel and find new places can get homesick, so the beauty of Europe is that it isn't too far away from home - just a few short hours on a plane, in fact. Jumping on a flight to France or going to explore Germany is much more manageable than seeing Singapore or heading to Haiti for your first trip.

2. The Weather is Alluring 
The weather in Europe is always alluring, especially compared to the UK. You can enjoy much warmer weather, making it the perfect place to experience travel alone - especially because you're always going to feel good about travel when the weather is on your side.

3. Accommodation 
Planning a travel trip away in Europe can be surprisingly easy compared to planning one in, say, South America. There are plenty of accommodation options available - you can always find very nice holiday houses in Spain  and there are great options in Portugal and other countries too. A lot of the time, you'll find that you are renting from British owners and expats with holiday businesses.

4. The Food is First Class 
European food is great and you will always have the option to eat something you love. Europe is a great place to start trying new and exotic foods that will be far easier on the eye than if you flew to Thailand and jumped right in to eating scorpions and tarantulas! There are so many great options - head to Bologna in Italy where bolognese was invented. The bolognese there is like no other! If you're feeling nervous about travelling alone, a gelato in Italy or some gyros in Greece should calm your nerves. The big foodie cities in Europe are the perfect destinations for anyone who loves food.

5. Friends are Easy to Make 
Above all else, remember that you'll never actually be alone for too long - especially not in Europe. So many people travel to the European continent alone and there will be so many opportunities to make friends with people who are similar to yourself. You will make friends for life and experience things together that you will remember forever. Solo travellers are always looking to meet other travellers, so just pop in to a bar or hostel and say hi - you will be welcomed!

Where are your favourite places in Europe?

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