Tuesday, 12 December 2017

How To Deal with Food Poisoning While Travelling

Getting food poisoning anywhere can be awful, but getting it away from home can be even worse. When I travelled Laos in South East Asia earlier this year I fell victim to severe food poisoning (I'm using the word victim because I literally felt victimised). I'm pretty sure it was some dodgy chicken that I ate in a Pad Thai, but it left me in an awful state for days. I had to miss my flight back home to the UK because I was too sick to travel to the airport, I had to have injections to stop the vomiting and I ended up staying a whole extra week in Laos. Here's what you can do if you are struck with food poisoning. (Most cases of food poisoning are mild but if you have a severe case like mine then here is how you can take action!)

1. Hydrate yourself

The most important thing to do when you have food poisoning is to hydrate yourself, and to keep yourself hydrated. When suffering from food poisoning you can lose a lot of fluids, nutrients and minerals so it is important to try and replenish these as quick as possible. Make sure that you drink plenty of water and invest in some hydration sachets that will help to replenish nutrients within your body quicker. It is a good idea to always carry some hydration sachets around with you when travelling in hot countries!

2. Avoid certain foods for a while 

After being struck with food poisoning it is a good idea to stick to the BRAT diet for a couple of days afterwards in order to avoid upsetting your stomach again. The BRAT diet consists of bananas, rice, applesauce and toast - super boring, but super helpful for your stomach. Other bland foods such as crackers, plain potatoes, cereal and rice are good options too. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, dairy and spicy and fatty foods until your stomach is completely better.

3. Rest 

Getting food poisoning can be exhausting so make sure that you get plenty of rest. Your body needs time to replenish, heal and to cleanse itself. You need to preserve energy in order to get better quickly - so spend a couple of days recovering in bed.

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