Tuesday, 19 December 2017

How To Feed Your Fashion On The Road

Travelling can require a lot of both mental and physical energy. It can be challenging and hard at points, yet rewarding and super chilled at others - making it hard to maintain your appearance all the time. Limited space in your luggage means that there is a natural limit to how much stuff you can bring with you. Check out these 5 suggestions that will help you remain stylish without having to take your whole wardrobe with you on your next trip.

Pick a great case

Before heading off on your big trip, you need to (obvs) find something that you can take all of your items with you in. Try to choose a hard case (so that nothing inside gets damaged) and one that will be easy to spot on the conveyor belt - you don't want to be waiting around for ages trying to work out which one is yours. If you can get away with not having to check your luggage in, then make sure that it fits the airline regulations. It must have a good handle and wheels that can cope easily with different types of surfaces.

Pack a capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is ideally a small number of items that are easy to wash, quick to dry and easily and effortlessly mix and match with each other to create multiple outfits. Using layering techniques and rotating tops with bottoms mean that six items could provide you with over nine outfits. For shoes, take a couple of comfortable pairs.


When travelling, carrying around lots of different necklaces, rings and pairs of earrings is not practical or worth it - especially if they are expensive. Pieces of custom made jewellery are a great idea here as you can take one piece with you that looks the part and is very 'you' but is designed to go with your different mix-matched outfits and won't attract the eyes of thieves.

Luckily, neutral nails are in this season. Neutral colours are great as they go with everything and are super easy to maintain. Neutral colours should also match a capsule wardrobe perfectly. Taking neutrals will also vastly reduce the weight of your luggage as you won't be lugging around several bottles of polish with you! Of course, neutrals are suitable all year round too.

Beauty products

Even if you do have luggage that you can check in, you don't want to be travelling with full bottles of all of your beauty products - they take up unnecessary room. Some beauty products are not, however, available in travel sizes, so this is where you have to get creative. Purchase some mini tubs and bottles for carefully put some of the products into these smaller containers to take with you. Mark each container so that you know exactly what they are, and if you're taking them in hand luggage then you should have no problem.

Do you pack beauty products lightly when travelling?

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