Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Getting Through an Airport as Quick as Possible

Getting through airports quickly is a bit of an art - and once you've got it down, checking in and going through security is a breeze (of course, arriving two to three hours early is still always advised).

Be there first & book an airport hotel

One of the best ways to get through an airport in the fastest way possible is to beat the rush. Naturally there are peak times to be aware of, but there are also many individual factors that specifically affect your flight, especially if you are flying alone. For example, if you arrive an hour before your flight and you have a big bag that you need to check in then you could be waiting at the end of a very long queue. In order to guarantee that you are not at the end of any long queues, it can be a good idea to check out - they provide the option to stay at or very near the airport, allowing you to leave and arrive when you want. Those travelling from Manchester, for example, might want to check out Manchester airport hotels. Airport hotels are a great way to beat the rush of airports and to eliminate stress. In many cases you are able to walk to the airport from your hotel, and if not then there is usually a shuttle bus option.

Book a fast airline

Booking a flight with an airline that provides a simple, straight forward bag drop or a good online check-in can be a huge time saver and can ensure that your plans run smoothly. More and more airlines are working on this principle in order to keep costs as low as possible.

Have everything ready

It sounds so obvious, but make sure everything is ready before you make your way to the airport - some people are still so unprepared when they make it to the check-in counters. Make sure that you have your passport and boarding passes easily accessible and make sure that any important travel documents are on you. If you are travelling in a large group make sure everyone has their documents ready. Take our your laptop before you get to the front of the queue in security and make sure you look up allowances before you pack your bags.

Take less with you 

There is always the temptation to pack as much as you possible can in hand luggage, but a minimalistic approach is best. Extra items means extra weight which can slow things down and add unnecessary stress when going through security. There is also the possibility that your hand luggage may actually exceed airport weight allowances which could delay things even further.

Do you have any tips for racing through the airport? 

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  1. These are really practical and useful tips which I already use. Having everything ready and at your fingertips is an excellent tip, Amy.


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