Friday, 13 April 2018

5 Hacks For a Relaxing Home

For me, there's nothing better than getting home after a long hard day and just chilling out at home in your own personal space. Your home should be your safe haven - somewhere that you can relax and unwind in peace. At some point or another, however, I think it's safe to say that we've all found ourselves being just as stressed at home as when we're in a stressful environment - whether that be at work, uni, etc. Here are a few little hacks that may help to create a more relaxing abode to come home to. 

1. Happy memories = positive vibes 

Naturally, feeling stressed makes you focus on the negatives. To encourage positive thoughts and feelings, surround yourself with happy memories or things that make you feel happy. This can be anything: small items that you picked up while travelling, pictures of friends and family, postcards of your favourite places, wall hangings, etc. Keeping positive memories in the forefront of your mind can help to cut through the stress and remind you of happier times.

2. Make a cosy room 

Choose a room in your home that will be your ultimate place to unwind and relax. This is usually your bedroom but a communal area can work just as well. To achieve ultimate cosiness, opt for dim lights and scented candles - if this scent creates a particular emotion (such as happiness) then it's a win-win. Add big blankets and pillows, too, for extra cosiness.

3. Declutter and organise

You know what they say - tidy house = tidy mind. If you're already going through a stressful time, struggling to find what you are looking for, or simply having to look at an untidy house, can tip you over the edge (trust me, we've all been there...) Tackle each room one at a time and do your best to declutter. Another good way to reduce stress within your home is to get yourself organised too; making lists or tasks to do can be helpful and put things into perspective. There is a commonly used template that helps to keep all of your to-do items organised - see an example here.

4. Add a touch of nature

There is something soothing about having natural elements throughout your home. Indoor plants give an added boost of oxygen to make the air feel fresher whilst adding small splashes of colour where it's needed. Other natural elements to consider include small water features, exposed stone or even wood flooring. Nature often invokes a feeling of calm and serenity so there's no rulebook against bringing these features indoors to help with relaxation.

5. Consider your colours

It's well known (but often overlooked) that different colours have differing effects on emotional and psychological wellbeing. Although the source of your stress is highly unlikely to be the colours around you, they can definitely enhance and aggravate stress at times. If you are overusing 'aggressive' colours (such as red which studies have shown can increase heart rate and blood pressure), try to swap this out for a lighter, more calming colour scheme.

There isn't a cut-and-dry method to improving your happiness or reducing stress levels at home. It's all about finding what works for your personally. Start off by making small changes - you may be surprised at the difference they make!

This is a collaborative post. 

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