Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Savannah: One of America's Hidden Gems

America is a great place to visit if you're keen to do some serious travelling. There are so many different travelling options available (and each option comes with its own unique advantages) - from cruises around the coastline to road trips right through all 50 mainland states. If you are well-travelled, then you have probably already got a bucket list of all the popular places to visit in the country. You may have even visited before!

Forsyth Park, Savannah

One of the great things about a country of this size is that it offers some real hidden gems, and one of the brightest of these gems is the city of Savannah, located in Georgia. If you are planning a trip to the US this year then it is definitely worth pencilling in a Savannah stop-off at some point.

Here is a list of great reasons to travel to Savannah. 

1. Natural beauty

By far, the best thing about Savannah is the sheer natural beauty of the place. Savannah is easily one of the best-looking cities in the US. A key place to visit that showcases this natural beauty perfectly is the Historic District. Full of gorgeous cobblestone streets, wide open parks and stunning nature, the Historic District is the perfect place to get plenty of fresh air and to go on long walks. Just because it's a city, doesn't mean you have to feel restricted to city life!

2. Accommodation options 

Savannah is full of wonderful accommodation options and can cater to whatever kind of trip you want. There is a lovely riverfront that has lots of hotels to offer (a great one right on the waterfront is the Savannah Marriott Riverfront) If waking up to gorgeous views across the waterfront isn't quite your cup of tea then there are historical inns, boutique hotels, B&Bs and even riverboat accommodation options dotted across the area.

3. National landmarks

When travelling, embracing the culture of the area you are visiting is so important - and Savannah is the perfect place to do just this. Did you know that Savannah boasts the biggest National Landmark District in the whole country? There are old churches, iconic mansions and huge museums that help to paint a picture of the beautiful city. There are also old forts to visit that take you right to the frontline of the American Civil War. It's always great to learn about the place that you visit!

4. Southern cuisine 

Being in the South, Savannah is home to some incredibly tasty Southern dishes that are not to be missed. Southern cuisine is popular all over the world, with fish dishes taking centre stage. Enjoy an iconic crab stew or a Southern seafood bouillabaisse. Either way, you won't leave Savannah with an empty or unhappy stomach.

If you are heading to the US this year, then following the above reasons, Savannah is definitely one to add to your travel bucket list.

Have you visited Savannah? 


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