Friday, 8 June 2018

G&T Hairdressing Clifton, Bristol

Blonde has never been a colour that I have considered. It's not that I don't like blonde hair (they do have more fun and that...), it's just that I've never thought that I had the complexion (or balls, to be frank) to just dye my hair and start fresh as blonde. That was, until, the lovely ladies at G&T Hairdressing in Clifton, Bristol, made me realise that with the right tools and hairdressing talent, anyone can have whatever colour they want to.

So two Saturdays ago I went to the magical haven that is G&T Hairdressing to start my new hair colour quest. The girls who work there are all super lovely and very welcoming - within minutes I was sat in my chair with a hot cup of tea chatting with Beth, my hairdresser for the day. I'm not a hair expert and I was feeling nervous about taking the plunge but she made me feel relaxed and talked me through the different options - in the end we settled for a full balayage (a graduated, natural-looking highlighting effect). The salon itself was lovely - a light, fresh interior with a classy feel to it.


As you can see, before the balayage my hair was (natural) auburn.

The entire process took around 6 hours (that's a whole lot of magazine reading...) Beth started by dying my hair and putting it into foils (a much lengthier process than it sounds - I was impressed with her patience) and after hours of doing that, we rinsed it out to reveal BRIGHT blonde. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't freaking out for a second but Beth quickly assured me that this was all part of the process and that toning my hair would bring down the brightness. So onto step 2: toning. Beth toned my hair and roots (which brought the bright shade down a lot - by this point I loved it) and then after a while it was time to wash it out again. Cue my favourite part of the process: massage time! G&T Hairdressing is kitted out with big comfy massage chairs that massage you while having your hair washed - dreamy. I was given a ten minute deep conditioning treatment and a head massage too.

Now for the results!

Beth blow dried and styled my hair into loose waves and I absolutely love the result. As I said before, I have never imagined myself with blonde hair but it has given me so much confidence and made me realise that there is a whole world of hair colours that everyone can pull off. If you are looking for a big change (or a small one), I highly recommend giving G&T Hairdressing a visit. You will be well looked after and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

I was slightly worried about the condition of my hair after dying it but it still feels strong and healthy - signs of a good salon and a great hairdresser. Beth shared lots of tips and tricks with me throughout the process and was happy to recommend products.

I love my new hair and would encourage anyone to take the plunge and give your hair a shake up. Want to see more of what G&T Hairdressing do? Follow them on Instagram! Thank you to the lovely ladies at G&T Hairdressing for looking after me and sorting my hair out - if you want to change up your hair, this is the place to go.


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