Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Playing Sports In Winter: What To Wear

Everyone remembers the torturous days of school P.E during winter - being forced into a cold gym kit, the crunch of frozen grass underfoot, the cold sting of a hockey club whacking against your ankle…
Luckily, as an adult, you have the luxury of being able to choose what to wear to play sports during winter. I’m talking hand warmers, layers upon layers and thick socks that won’t let any hockey clubs near your ankles. Scroll down for some tips on what to wear when playing winter sports. 

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In order to keep warm, multi-layering is super important when playing winter sports - but there is a certain way to do it. The one main thing that you want to avoid when layering up is dampness, so naturally your first layer needs to absorb perspirant. Invest in a thermal under-layer made of synthetic fibre which will keep you dry and comfortable, and avoid a cotton under-layer at all costs as cotton retains moisture. Follow this up with an insulating layer to keep in the heat (natural wool and fleece are great options for this) and then a protective layer. The final protective layer serves as a shield against rain, wind and snow. The material should allow air in and let perspiration out (making it breathable and comfortable). 

Hat, scarves and gloves

It seems like such an obvious one, but wearing a hat really is essential when keeping warm while playing winter sports. We lose half of our body’s heat from our head - so why would we leave it uncovered? Invest in a hat (such as a tuque) to trap the heat in and stay warm. Depending on what sport you are playing, wearing a scarf and gloves to keep neck/throat and hands warm is also a good idea. 

Stay hydrated 

It is easy (and tempting) to fill up on hot drinks such as coffees and hot chocolates but remember to stay hydrated. Often, people think that just because it’s cold weather and there is no extreme sun dehydrating you, you don’t need to drink as much water. This is not true - even breathing in cold air into your lungs can cause dehydration. In order to avoid hypothermia, make sure you drink plenty of water. 


Choose to walk rather than use a golf buggy as walking around will keep your body moving and warm.

Invest in a suitable jacket to keep out the rain and wind - for example windbreakers that are perfect for a round of golf in the cold. 

Buy some golf mitts - there is nothing worse than cold hands on an even colder golf club. 


Invest in ski socks - normal socks will not be good enough and you’ll end up with cold toes. Ski socks are breathable, light and comfortable yet will keep your feet toasty. 

Follow your ski socks up with a set of hand or feet warmers. They are small packets that when squeezed release heat. They can be easily slipped inside your socks or gloves for extra warmth. 


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