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Home Colour Ideas That Are Perfect For Summer

With summer fast approaching, most of us are sorting out our wardrobes and making new purchases in preparation for the warmer months. However, while many of us focus on changing up our wardrobes for summer, one area that we tend to forget about is our home, without realising the benefits of changing our interiors with each season. 

Think about your home during winter. It's more than likely that you picture a warm, cosy space with thick curtains, soft blankets, rugs, perhaps a crackling fire... Now think about your home during the summer. Do you picture a lighter, more open space? During summer, interior colours lighten, textures and materials cool down and the windows open up.

In order to get your home ready for the warmer months ahead, it is worth re-thinking your colour schemes. If you’re interested in giving your property an update this season, you've come to the right place for some inspiration. Take a look at these home colour ideas that are perfect for the summer months.

Home colour ideas

Simple and timeless, white is the perfect colour to paint your home whatever the season. In the summer, however, the beauty and simplicity of a white room is amplified. When the sun shines in, white walls look even brighter, filling the room with light and opening up the space. White is the perfect base colour for any area in the home; it can easily be accessorised and highlighted through pops of colour in rugs, lampshades, pillows and art.

In fact, white is the most popular shade used by buy to let investors or those looking to sell their property; this is namely due to its versatile nature. For example, RW Invest, a Liverpool based property company, choose to decorate their buy to let properties predominantly white, recognising the popularity of more minimal shades when it comes to attracting buyers and tenants.


Home colour ideas

Powder blue is one of those colours that works so perfectly in many rooms in the home, whether it's a light seaside-inspired bathroom or a chic country kitchen. Painting your walls a calming shade of blue will transform your home into a tranquil blue sky, giving the room a calming and serene colour. When paired with white, this colour creates a relaxing beach-style feel that’s reflective of the summer months - a time when we all love to spend time by the sea. Pair light blue walls with a neutral coloured carpet or flooring, some natural wicker accessories, and some striped furnishings, and you’ll feel like you’re chilling in a summer beach house in no time.

If painting your walls blue seems a little bit daunting, don't be afraid to start off by simply adding touches of calming blue to your interior, through curtains, rugs, pillows, art and vases.


Home colour ideas

Voted Pantone’s colour of the year for 2019, coral is a beautiful and striking shade to paint your home with for summer. Reminiscent of colourful beach huts or a pastel sunset on a summer’s night, shades of coral instantly brighten up any home and add a fun touch of colour. Coral makes a room feel warm and welcoming, yet is still light and summery - perfect for those breezy summer afternoons in your home. Pair this shade with other bold colours like navy blue, light pink, and yellow for a cool Californian vibe, or combine coral hues with neutral paint colours to achieve a more simplistic look.


House colour ideas

A popular shade all year round, green is another colour that screams summer - whether it's a bright green that echoes the lime in your cocktail, or a deep tropical shade. According to colour psychology, green is associated with all things natural, such as forests, fields and gardens, bringing a touch of nature to your space. Green also has well-known calming qualities, making it the perfect choice for use in the bedroom or living room, along with giving your kitchen or bathroom a fresh feel.

Pair light green hues with white or other neutral shades for a serene and chilled out vibe, which works really well accompanied by wooden furniture and hardwood or laminate flooring. Alternatively, opt for a fun green-themed feature wall, as pictured above.


  1. I'm quite liking whites and blues at the moment as they work so well in the home.

  2. I really love the green as it just makes me feel like i'm outdoors which is very summery (especially while the weather is so bad we can't actually go outside) x

  3. What a great post sharing about the summer colours. I love coral and would love to repaint my room with that shade

  4. I have recently being decorating in the Timeless white colors and pastels and really love the uplifting feel and positive energy it brings to our home. great post

  5. I love blue, it looks so fresh and inviting. We have a blue theme downstairs.

  6. I love adding pops of green throughout my house in the summer months, I feel like it really ties together that summer feel. Leaf print is my favourite.

  7. I really love the coral tones, it just brightens the entire room.

  8. I love coral, it is such a gorgeous summery colour. I need to update my living room so thank you for these ideas. Kaz

  9. My place is currently pink but I think adding the green palm print would be a great addition for summer! x


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