Sunday, 9 June 2019

Three Simple Ways To Pull Yourself Out of a Job Slump

No matter how much you love your job, you will, at one point or another, find yourself in what is well-known as 'the career slump'. It may be within the first few months of starting a new job when you're adjusting to a new routine, or it may be years after you've settled into your dream career. Either way, pulling yourself out of a job slump can be difficult. After a while, any routine can become tedious and draining - even if you are doing what you love. If it's no longer just a case of Monday blues, and you find yourself dreading going to work most days of the week, it may be time to take action. Follow my top tips below for pulling yourself out of that dreaded 9-5 job slump. 

Take a time-out

First and foremost, removing yourself from your usual work environment, even just for a couple of days or an extended weekend, can help you gain some perspective. Going to the same office day in day out can take its toll on anyone, and motivating yourself to get excited about the same thing everyday can be difficult. Taking a day or two out to focus on yourself and think about what you want from your career or where it is going can do wonders for motivation. Perhaps this isn't your dream job, but is it a step in the right direction? Is it a foot in the door of your dream career? Think about your purpose, your ambitions and your reasoning for doing this job and decide if it's worth it. If you see room for career development or it's a stepping stone to where you want to be, it's worth doing.

Make the most of your time away from work

When you're in a 9-5 routine, it's easy to just roll out of bed and into the office in the morning and return home in the evenings to simply cook and sleep - in fact, for many, there's not enough time to do much else. Making the most of your time out of the workplace is crucial, whether it's that precious hour in the morning before you have to leave the house, your evenings during the week or the weekends.

Get up a little bit earlier in the week to enjoy a good breakfast, have some television time, read a chapter of your book or do some yoga before you go to work. Utilise your evenings; take up a weekly evening class, go out for dinner, visit your friends and family. If you feel like you spend all of your time in the office, coming home from work and sinking into the sofa every night probably isn't helping.

Focus on what's causing the slump - and change it 

It's important to identify what is actually causing this slump in the first place; you never know, it could be easier to solve than you think and it may not even be to do with your actual job. Perhaps there is something going on in your life outside of work that is taking up your energy or clouding your mind. You may not be getting enough sleep, your diet may be slowing you down or you may not be getting enough exercise - after all, sitting in an office chair all day is far from physically stimulating.

If it's something like this, the problem can be tackled easily. Buy a gym membership, go for a run in the evenings, learn some healthy new recipes, work on a reliable bedtime routine, take a step back from being the agony aunt in everyone's lives. If it really is your job that is getting you down, however, it may be time to take action and look for something more fulfilling.

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  1. This is all great advice. I do find taking a few days "time out" can really help give some perspective


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