Monday, 5 August 2019

Taking Care of Your Diamond Jewellery

We all have a piece of jewellery that is particularly special to us. Whether it's a ring that has been passed down through your family or a new necklace that was a gift to yourself, looking after it properly is essential in order to maintain its beauty. If you have a piece of diamond jewellery, there are several different ways to look after it, from simple home cleaning processes to professional jewellery services. Below, I've put together some top tips on caring for your diamond jewellery to ensure that it is always sparkling.


One of the simplest ways to keep your diamonds looking their best is to use a bit of toothpaste and an old toothbrush. You don't even have to leave the house for this! Put a little bit of toothpaste onto the brush and use this to gently clean the diamonds. Using a toothbrush ensures that you can clean and get into all of the little corners and around the prongs. Once you're done, simply clean off any excess toothpaste with a damp cloth. 


Vodka has long been used for various things, from tongue piercing bars and earrings to diamond, silver and gold jewellery. The alcoholic spirit is particularly good for making your jewellery sparkle and bringing its shine back. All you need to do is get a napkin (or something similar) and dip it into some vodka. Use this to wipe your jewellery and remove any dirt and dullness. 

Window Cleaner

The final household good on the list is window cleaner, something that works well when cleaning diamonds specifically. Once again, you'll need an old toothbrush. Spray some window cleaner directly onto your piece of jewellery and simply use the toothbrush to disperse it properly. It will be sparkling in no time.

Jewellery Repair

If you wear your jewellery a lot, it is generally recommended that you visit a jewellery annually to check if it needs any repairs. A jewellery service ensures that your jewellery remains in top condition and continues to look like new. Taking your jewellery to a jeweller means that it will be cleaned professionally and thoroughly in order to maintain its shine and you can benefit from other services too - for example, the prongs will be tightened to ensure that your diamonds never fall out. 

Jewellery Reconstruction 

If you have a piece of diamond jewellery that is sat in your jewellery box and gathering dust, you may want to consider the prospect of jewellery reconstruction. This is when a jeweller utilises the diamonds from a piece of jewellery and incorporates them into a different piece of jewellery, leaving you with a brand new piece of jewellery while recycling an old piece and cutting costs. 

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