Monday, 19 October 2020

Four Ways to Enhance Natural Light in Your Home

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Encouraging as much natural light into your home as possible is extremely important, not only for the aesthetic of your home (who doesn't love a light, airy feel?), but for your mental health too. Natural light is extremely important to us humans; it gives a much-needed healthy boost of vitamin B and D, it's been proven to boost our energy levels and productivity, it has a positive influence on our mood and can even help our immune system - so it's only natural that we'd want as much of it flowing throughout our homes as possible. 

The benefits of natural light don't stop with our mental health either. In our homes, increased natural light can help us save money on energy bills, open up small and dark rooms and generally contributes to a happier, healthier and more comfortable home. If you're looking for ways to welcome more natural light into your home, you've come to the right place. 

Stick to a pale colour palette 

Sticking to a cool colour palette is key. Not only do whites, creams, beiges and pale pinks brighten up a room, but they reflect the light too, opening up the space. White is the brightest colour and will reflect the most light, but if you don't want to use a bright white, there are plenty of other light summery shades to choose from. White comes in a wide range of subtly different shades or, alternatively, you can opt for another light colour - from pastel pinks to lime greens - that will bounce natural light off your walls. 

Make the most of mirrors

Making use of mirrors is another easy hack to open up your space and increase the flow of natural light through a room. There's no two ways about it: mirrors reflect light, but they also reflect what's in front of them too, creating the illusion of a bigger space. Placing a mirror opposite a window will increase the amount of natural light that enters the room and harness the available daylight. 

Place furniture carefully

Even the way your furniture is laid out can affect how much natural light enters your home. Firstly, your furniture needs to be in proportion to the room. Too much furniture and clutter can make even the biggest of rooms feel small, dingy and dark. Make sure there is no furniture obstructing natural light from flowing in. Avoid placing sofas and chairs in front of big windows and create a layout where all sources of light can flow in naturally and unhindered. 

Use glass flooring to add more light 

If you're serious about increasing the flow of natural light throughout your home, consider installing feature walk-on glass flooring. If you're lucky enough to have a light-filled upper level or ground floor, installing a glass floor is an elegant and unique way to let natural light pass through your property and into rooms below. Not only will glass flooring light up a dark property and allow natural light to flood into lower level areas that would otherwise be in shadow, but they add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home too!

How do you brighten up your home? 


  1. Great tips, I love mirrors and they really do help to brighten up a room, we are just redecorting now and I have been looking at new mirrors

  2. These are some great ideas, it is amazing how much mirrors can help when you place them carefully to help bounce about the light.

  3. When we had a home makeover a few years ago we added bigger windows in the kitchen and the difference it made for light was amazing

  4. Our home doesn't get nearly as much natural light as I'd like. Most of our walls are white, nevertheless I had to add some daylight bulbs to help.

  5. Great ideas here, natural light in a room can make so much difference to how it feels! I love the idea of having lass flooring too, what a cool idea! x

  6. There are actually some very good tips here. I deffo agree regarding colour, as lighter colours make such a big difference x

  7. Great ideas. Having moved from a property with rubbish natural light, we wanted to make the most of the natural light in the new house so made sure the furniture was in exactly the right places.


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